First impressions of Tesla’s new Version 8.0 Media Player [Video]

Audiophiles can rejoice with the rollout of Tesla’s latest Version 8.0 (full release notes) of its Media Player which introduces improved search capabilities, making it easier to find your favorite tunes, along with a new modern look. A redesigned user interface provides easier finger-touch controls allowing owners to flick-scroll across a variety of music genres and personal Favorites.

Tesla has retained voice control on the Media Player, allowing owners to search by song tile or name of an artist through speech recognition. Beyond making substantial improvements in the ability to search for media across TuneIn, Streaming Personal Radio and saved favorites, Media Player 8.0 also surfaces popular content to the top navigation where it’s more accessible and designed to provide a better overall user experience.

Though Spotify has not yet been introduced in the US-version of Media Player 8.0, the new look and feel is reminiscent of what you would find on iTunes and other popular digital music services. The album cover to a particular artist is presented in a tiled fashion and allows users to easily navigate to a listing of songs, either for that artist, or mixed in with like-kind artists through its “DJ Series”.

Speed has also been improved making for a noticeably smoother response.

Check out this great initial review of Tesla’s new Media Player by YouTuber Black Tesla.

Tesla Version 8.0 Media Player Notes

Now Playing View

The new Now Playing view is more useful and flexible, allowing you to browse favorite or recently listened to content – without having to switch screens.

Browse View: Simpler Navigation

The new Browse view places saved favorites at the top for easy access. It also highlights popular content such as top music, comedy, or news on Streaming Personal Radio, and podcasts and popular radio stations from around the world on TuneIn.

Improved Search

Search is now simpler to access and more powerful, you can search TuneIn and Streaming Personal Radio. Filters on results help you quickly find what you’re looking for. You can also use voice commands to initiate any search.

(See Tesla Version 8.0 full release notes)

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