Tesla Model X

First Look at a Tesla Model X Being ‘Summoned’ (Video)

Tesla Firmware 7.1 has made its way to Model X owners giving them the ability to summon their heavyweight crossover, to park itself via the push of a button.

Tesla’s v7.1 summoning feature combined with the Homelink update allows Model S and Model X owners to call their vehicle, by way of pressing the center button on the key fob or through Tesla’s mobile app, which will in turn send a signal to the vehicle and initiate it to automatically drive itself to the owner. The car will automatically open or close the garage door, as seen in the following video, and make its way to the owner’s location autonomously.

Marcus Adolfsson provides a first look via his YouTube channel at what it’s like to summon his Model X P90D(L) into a garage.

What’s interesting to note is why the Model X active spoiler emerges when Tesla Summon is engaged?


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