Fisker poised to sell remaining Ocean inventory in bulk for $46.25 million

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A New York leasing firm may be getting the deal of the decade amidst Fisker’s ongoing bankruptcy proceedings. As per a filing, Fisker would be entering an agreement to sell its entire Fisker Ocean inventory — all 3,231 units —  to American Lease for up to $46.25 million. 

American Lease is a New York firm that leases vehicles to ride-share users. American Lease would be getting quite a deal for Fisker’s entire Ocean inventory, as the firm has agreed to pay just between $2,500 to $16,500 for each unit. 

A range of $2,500 to $16,500 is quite substantial, and as noted in a Car and Driver report, this is due to the damaged and previously owned vehicles that would be acquired by the leasing firm. Damaged Fisker Oceans will be priced at the lower end of the range, while units that had a previous title would be priced a bit more than $3,200 per unit. 

As per Fisker in its filing, vehicles whose ownership is evidenced by a Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MCO) and are in reasonably good working order would be priced at $16,500 per unit. Fisker need that it has 2,711 Fisker Ocean units that are in good working order. The company also has 141 Oceans that are damaged, 28 units that are tagged as MCO – Engineering, and 351 that were previously titled. 

The final price of American Lease’s purchase of Fisker’s Ocean inventory is still not finalized, though the full price of the acquisition is capped at $46.25 million. That’s a significant discount compared to the Fisker Ocean’s actual selling price before the EV maker filed for bankruptcy. The Fisker Ocean, after all, started at just under $40,000 for its base Sport model. Prices of the vehicle went as high up as over $70,000 for the range-topping Fisker Ocean Extreme. 

That being said, American Lease is also taking in some risk by purchasing Fisker’s remaining Ocean inventory. As per the filing, Fisker will not have any obligation to repair or maintain the vehicles that the leasing company will acquire, so warranties on the vehicles will not be honored. Fisker would also have no obligation to update the vehicles’ software beyond V2.1, though it will provide the leasing firm with “all relevant source code or other proprietary software operating elements, as well as existing developer work, as may be necessary or required for the operability of the Vehicles.”

Fisker’s filing about the sale of its remaining Fisker Ocean inventory can be viewed below.

Fisker Inventory Bulk Sale by Simon Alvarez on Scribd

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Fisker poised to sell remaining Ocean inventory in bulk for $46.25 million
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