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Ford doubles its F-150 Lightning production target again to 150k units per year

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It appears that Ford is getting more and more serious about ramping its upcoming all-electric pickup truck, the F-150 Lightning. In a recent post on Twitter, Ford CEO Jim Farley noted that due to the overwhelming demand for the vehicle, the veteran automaker is now doubling its production plan again to 150,000 trucks per year. 

As noted by Farley, Ford appears to have been surprised by the positive reception for the Lightning. Previous production plans for the vehicle were only for 40,000 units annually, though this was eventually raised to 80,000 trucks per year. With order books for the vehicle still growing, however, even a production goal of 80,000 per year seemed overly conservative. 

“In Sept., due to huge demand for #F150Lightning, we doubled our production plan from 40k to 80k trucks per year. The demand keeps growing, so we’re doubling it again and now plan to produce 150,000 annually. America wants an all-electric @Ford F-150 and we plan to deliver,” Farley wrote. 

Producing and delivering 150,000 F-150 Lightnings in one year is an impressive goal, though it would likely be a bit easier said than done considering the ongoing semiconductor and supply chain crisis. Considering that Ford already has its hands full with the ramp of the successful Mustang Mach-E, the automaker would have to be very creative and determined if it wishes to ramp two popular all-electric vehicles simultaneously. 

There has been much excitement about the Ford F-150 Lightning. This is due in no small part to the fact that the vehicle is the all-electric version of America’s best-selling automobile. Just recently, the vehicle’s pricing was reportedly leaked from a Ford dealership, and based on the information in the document, it appears that the Lightning will be competing in segments from the sub-$40,000 category to the above $90,000 market. 

As per the document, the Ford F-150 Lightning Pro will have an MSRP of $39,974, and the Ford F-150 Lightning XLT will have a $52,974 MSRP. The Ford F-150 Lightning Lariat would feature an MSRP of $67,474, and the Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum will be offered with an MSRP of $90,874. 

2022 F-150 Lightning Order Bank Opening Playbook-1!3!22 by Simon Alvarez on Scribd

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Ford doubles its F-150 Lightning production target again to 150k units per year
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