Tesla Cybertruck order page no longer mentions a 2022 production estimate

(Credit: @TeslaTruckClub/Twitter)

Tesla quietly updated the Cybertruck’s order page, removing references to the vehicle’s expected 2022 production date. The update may have been implemented during the final weeks of 2021. 

Previously, the all-electric pickup truck’s order page featured a simple note stating that customers will be able to “complete their (your) configuration as production nears in 2022.” Tesla’s Cybertruck order page today simply informs customers that they will be able to complete their vehicle configurations as production nears.

Tesla’s Cybertruck order page as of writing. (Credit: Tesla)

The reasons behind removing the 2022 production estimate on the Cybertruck’s order page remain unknown, which is unsurprising considering how secretive Tesla has been about the upcoming vehicle. However, Tesla advocates on social media have noted that the 2022 production estimate may have been removed last month since the new year was fast approaching then.

While concrete updates about the Cybertruck are still scarce, expectations are high that the all-electric pickup truck will enter production this 2022. This date already represents a delay for the vehicle, as its production ramp was initially announced for late 2021. Despite the delay due to supply chain issues and other challenges, Tesla made some progress with the Cybertruck in 2021. For instance, updated prototypes of the vehicle were spotted over the year. Tesla executives also noted that alpha prototypes were built already. 

Tesla’s Cybertruck order page as of early December 2021. (Credit: Tesla)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk remains very optimistic about the Cybertruck, noting that key updates on the vehicle should be announced in the company’s fourth-quarter and full-year 2021 earnings call. Musk has also noted that a quad-motor variant of the Cybertruck would be released. 

Design-wise, the Cybertruck appears to be a work in progress. New alpha prototypes of the vehicle were spotted with an extremely large and unwieldy wiper blade. Musk admitted that the large wiper blade in the new alpha prototype “troubles” him the most, and he confirmed on Twitter that the component would not make it to production. Despite all these changes, however, Musk has maintained that the Cybertruck will be an incredible product — one that might be Tesla’s best creation to date. 

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Tesla Cybertruck order page no longer mentions a 2022 production estimate
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