Georgia lands $43M battery recycling plant project shortly after Rivian commitment

Credit: Battery Resourcers

The City of Covington, Georgia has landed a massive $43 million lithium-ion battery recycling plant, the largest of its kind in North America, just weeks after electric automaker Rivian announced it would build its second U.S.-based factory in the area.

Battery Resourcers, a Massachusetts-based lithium-ion battery recycling and engineered materials startup with major investors like Jaguar Land Rover, Orbia, TDK, TRUMPF Group, Doral Energy, and Hitachi, will build its newest plant in Covington. The site will manufacture an additional 150 jobs to Covington, a city with around 14,000 people, which is located about 25 miles East of downtown Atlanta.

The plant will be 154,000-square-feet and will begin operations in the Spring. The facility could process up to 70,000 lithium-ion batteries every year, according to the Atlanta Business Chronicle. A press release from Governor Brian Kemp’s Office confirms that hiring is already underway. Battery Resourcers said in a press release that the plant could be fully operational by August 2022.

Just a few weeks ago, Rivian Automotive confirmed its plans to build an EV manufacturing facility in the Atlanta, Georgia area. When the company announced its intentions to build the factory in Georgia during its Q3 2021 Earnings Call in December, Rivian said the factory would be operational in 2024 and will have a targeted annual capacity of 500,000 vehicles. Pat Wilson, the Commissioner of Georgia’s Department of Economic Development, told Teslarati in an exclusive interview that Rivian is expected to reach its expected annual production rate by 2027.

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Georgia is priming itself to be a major player in the U.S. electric vehicle market with the two recent signings of EV-related businesses. Wilson said in the December interview that he hoped for the Rivian plant to become a catalyst for economic growth and a contributor to EV projects in the future. “I certainly hope it isn’t our last major EV investment,” Wilson told us in regards to the Rivian project. Turns out it certainly will not be, as it has already attracted a newcomer related to the electric vehicle field.

“We know that Battery Resourcers had many options to consider before choosing Georgia as the location for this facility,” Wilson said. “Georgia offers important assets for business growth, such as our educated workforce, pro-business climate and high quality of life, and we are confident that these qualities – combined with our commitment to sustainability – will contribute to us working in partnership with Battery Resourcers for years to come.”

Battery Resourcers raised $90 million in less than twelve months to expand its facilities and manufacturing footprint. The first round of funding, which raised $70 million of the $90 million total, will be put toward the Covington facility, a press release from the company in September 2021 stated.

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Georgia lands $43M battery recycling plant project shortly after Rivian commitment
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