GMC Hummer EV shows off in off-road test on Moab Trails [Video]

(Credit: GMC)

General Motors (GM) put its GMC Hummer EV through the wringer recently during an off-road test up the Moab Trails in Utah. The Hummer EV, which GM calls a supertruck, is set to make its production debut this fall. 

The GMC Hummer EV team tested the supertruck’s Adaptive Air Suspension hardware, Extract Mode, Terrain Mode, One-Pedal Driving control, e4WD, torque distribution, eLockers, stability control, rear steering, CrabWalk, and more during its Moab trip.

One of the off-road features the team seemed to focus on was the GMC Hummer EV’s One-Pedal Driving control. The Hummer EV’s engineers believe that One-Pedal Driving would help drivers navigate rough landscapes, like steep grades, especially when used with Terrain Mode. 

(Credit: GMC)

“One-Pedal Driving offers a great feeling of control by optimizing the regenerative braking, friction braking, and drive motor torque all through the accelerator pedal. Drivers will quickly realize the benefits once they try it off-road,” said Aaron Pfau, GMC HUMMER EV lead development engineer.

Another feature GMC introduced with the Hummer EV is “CrabWalk.” The Hummer EV’s CrabWalk feature enables the supertruck to move diagonally, which GM notes might be helpful in tight or narrow spaces. 

The GMC team took a preproduction Hummer EV to GM’s test facility earlier in March to try out the CrabWalk feature in -6 degree temperatures. “Get a sneak peek at how the world’s first all-electric super truck spends a snow,” GMC wrote on a Twitter post.

The base model of the Hummer EV starts at $79,995 with a reservation fee of $100. Several variants of the supertruck will be available, including the EV2, EV2X, EV3X, and the limited Hummer EV Edition 1. 

Check out the GMC Hummer EV’s off-road capabilities below!

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GMC Hummer EV shows off in off-road test on Moab Trails [Video]
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