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First ever Jeep EV takes European car of the year

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The Jeep Avenger, the company’s first-ever electric vehicle, has been named the European car of the year.

Jeep is not exactly known for its dedication to electric vehicles. The brand’s first-ever, the Avenger EV SUV, only came out late last year and is currently only sold in Europe. Despite its late entry, the company’s Jeep Avenger won over countless voters and has been named the European Car of the Year.

The Jeep Avenger EV SUV was chosen as the European car of the year for three main reasons, highlighted by jurors in the organization’s reveal video. First, the Jeep’s competitive range (up to 440km/273 mi) for the price tag (starting at 34,000 pounds/$41,485) was cited by many journalists as a strength of the vehicle. Further, the Jeep’s small exterior dimensions and decently spacious cabin were identified as positive attributes that make it ideal for European roads. Lastly, compared to the smooth swooping lines on many of the competitors, jurors appreciated the Avenger’s more angular and aggressive styling.

The Jeep was chosen out of a class of 7 top contenders, and the top 5 are as follows:

  • Jeep Avenger
  • VW ID.Buzz
  • Nissan Ariya
  • Kia Niro EV
  • Renault Austral

It should be noted that no Tesla models were included in the competition due to their age and having been included in a previous year of competition, both disqualifying factors.

According to the rules put forward by the European Car of the Year committee, the car is judged based on “general design, comfort, safety, economy, handling and general roadworthiness, performance, functionality, general environmental requirements, driver satisfaction, and price. Technical innovation and value for money are major factors.”

With this being Jeep’s first-ever electric vehicle, earning an award so quickly should be a significant motivator as the company looks to expand its range of electric offerings to other markets in the new year. Hopefully, the company’s other upcoming EVs, such as the Jeep Recon EV and the Jeep Wagoneer EV, will also be worthy of praise and consumers’ money.

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First ever Jeep EV takes European car of the year
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