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LG unveils ‘invisible’ car speakers

Credit: LG

LG has unveiled a new set of automotive speakers that are near invisible as they can be hidden as a part of numerous trim pieces and interior panels.

Audio has always been a prominent part of car culture. From the massive sub-woofers and speaker systems of the late 90s/early 2000s to the “exhaust systems” being made for electric vehicles today. And now, LG hopes to revolutionize interior sound systems with technology previously used in cell phones. The LG Thin Actuator Sound Solution is a hyper-thin speaker that can be hidden as part of trim pieces and interior panels but, according to the company, retains a premium sound experience.

Credit: LG

LG isn’t descriptive in their announcement of the Thin Actuator Sound Solution, especially regarding how the system works. But from the company’s details, the system uses a “film-type exciter technology…to vibrate off display panels and various materials inside the car body.” Essentially removing the need for traditional speaker grills and large and heavy speakers that go behind them.

In LG’s press release today, the company claims the new speakers “enable a rich, 3D immersive sound experience,” and further, “Its compact size and innovative form factor allow it to be installed in various parts inside the car such as the dashboard, headliner, pillar, and headrests while eliminating the deviation in audio quality for passengers inside.”

LG also emphasizes that this technology is not some far-off dream but will make its first appearance at CES 2023 at the beginning of the year and then be available for orders later that year.

While perhaps not the most exciting technology for audiophiles, LG’s new speakers could be vital for electric vehicles. The reduced weight and size footprint are key upgrades for manufacturers looking to reduce vehicle curb weight and increase interior space. Furthermore, with the ability to remove traditional speaker grills, automotive designers can continue to make EVs with more innovative and beautiful interiors.

LG didn’t specify if they have begun to work with automakers to introduce their technology, but you can certainly count me as someone excited at the prospect of its use in cars soon.

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LG unveils ‘invisible’ car speakers
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