Tesla NACS adopted by LG Level 3 chargers for EVs

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla’s North America Charging Standard (NACS) was adopted by LG for its upcoming Level 3 DC chargers. LG’s adoption of NACS shows how Tesla’s connector is rapidly becoming the standard in the United States.

South Korean tech company LG Electronics plans to enter the United States growing electric vehicle (EV) charger market next year. LG will enter the market with its first line of owner-operated AC and DC EV charging stations with Level 2 and 3 chargers. 

LG will first launch its Level 2 AC charger in the US market. It has a load management solution and variable current settings, enabling an output power of 11 kW through a standard SAE J1772 connector. LG’s Level 2 AC charger is wall-mounted and can be installed anywhere in an establishment. 

LG will also release a Level 3 DC charger next year, a stand-type model with a connected Power Bank. LG’s Level 3 DC charger provides EV owners with fast charging capabilities of up to 175 kW through CCS1 and Tesla NACS connectors.

“As a leader in the electrification movement, LG is committed to delivering systems and solutions to help U.S. commercial customers develop the infrastructure to charge electric vehicles, which is critical to the success of the industry and the nation’s clean energy goals,” said LG Business Solutions USA’s Senior Vice President Nicolas Min. 

“Our product roadmap supports various use cases to provide a flexible, adaptable family of EV chargers to keep America moving as electric vehicles continue to grow in popularity and capabilities,” Min stated.

LG plans to leverage its nationwide B2B sales and support system in the United States to expand its EV charger business nationwide. The company aims to help individual businesses, like hotels, restaurants, venues, transit hubs, and municipal buildings, own and operate EV charging stations.

Tesla NACS has been adopted by many automakers selling cars in the US market. The list includes prominent automakers like Ford and General Motors in the United States. It also includes foreign automakers like Hyundai and Toyota. 

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Tesla NACS adopted by LG Level 3 chargers for EVs
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