Lordstown Motors wants to join the electric pickup truck market too

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Ohio-based Lordstown Motors unveiled its plans to join the growing electric pickup truck market with its first vehicle, dubbed “Endurance.”

The one-year-old startup based out of Lordstown, Ohio, will take over a former General Motors plant to build its first electric truck. CEO Steve Burns believes the Endurance has all the ingredients for success after the company has spent its time and money developing an all-electric truck that is capable of sports car-like acceleration and handling.

During the company’s presentation in Thursday, Burns talked about Lordstown’s process of designing the vehicle from the ground up, and not using a typical pickup engineering process to ensure the performance and efficiency of the truck was superior to its competitors.

“People are buried in their Ford [F]150. They have so much loyalty to it,” Burns said. “But, we are essentially coming in with a 75-mile per gallon pick up truck. In the end, cost is king, and we are the least expensive pickup truck.”

The Endurance packs a self-proclaimed “revolutionary design” that features four in-wheel hub motors, making it the first-ever commercial vehicle to contain this specification. The use of the four motors independently driving each wheel gives the Endurance only four moving parts on the entire car, allowing the owner to spend less on maintenance and a “significantly lower total cost of ownership than traditional commercial vehicles.”

While functionality was essential to Burns, its aesthetic appearance was almost as crucial. “If the vehicle didn’t look good, it probably wouldn’t sell well. So we had to balance all of that in the design of it. It took a great team to do that.”

Lordstown says the Endurance will cost $52,500 and will give owners 250 miles of EV range, 600 horsepower, 7,500 pounds of towing capacity, and an 80 MPH top speed. The company didn’t provide any insight into its battery pack, its capacity, or where it will receive batteries from. However, GM and LG Chem are building a $2.3 billion joint venture battery cell plant in Lordstown, but it is unknown if this facility will supply the electric startup with packs for the Endurance.

As of right now, no electric truck is currently being manufactured or produced. However, 2021 seems to be heading toward a label of “The Year of the Electric Pickup.” With Rivian planning to build its R1T at the beginning of the year, the Tesla Cybertruck beginning production in a new facility at the tail end of the year, and Lordstown’s Endurance with a planned rollout in 2021 as well, there is plenty of competition in the sector.

Currently, gas-powered trucks are among the most popular vehicles in the United States. The Ford F-150 reigns supreme, just like it has for many years. However, with the electric vehicle movement continuing to grow and more consumers heading toward sustainable transportation, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that an array of competition in the E-pickup market will help the environmental cause.

Lordstown Motors wants to join the electric pickup truck market too
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