Lucid Motors is looking to raise $8 billion more in planned mixed shelf offering

Lucid today announced its initial launch plans for the European market, including the forthcoming availability of both versions of Lucid Air Dream Edition with the most advanced electric powertrain available today. The Dream Edition R is optimized for efficiency with an estimated 900 km of range, and the Dream Edition P features 1,111 horsepower (828 kW).

Luxury electric car maker Lucid Motors is looking to beef up its working capital. To accomplish this, the company filed for a new offering of up to $8 billion earlier this week. The funding should help Lucid keep its operations going as it continues to ramp the production and deliveries of its flagship Air sedan. 

Despite previous statements from company executives, Lucid is currently in what could be described as a “manufacturing hell” of sorts. In the second quarter, Lucid only delivered 679 cars, which was a notable increase from the 360 Air sedans that were delivered in Q1 2022 — but still far below the company’s estimates. 

Lucid’s production outlook has become progressively more conservative. The company had planned to produce 20,000 vehicles in 2022, but amid supply chain challenges, this estimate was reduced to a more feasible 12,000 to 14,000 vehicles. Following its Q2 2022 results, Lucid cut its annual production guidance once more to just 6,000 to 7,000 units for the year. 

Considering that the company is on an uphill climb to get over its production challenges and start delivering the Air sedan en masse, Lucid’s decision to raise funds again makes quite a bit of sense. Lucid filled for a mixed shelf offering, which allows the luxury EV maker to sell various types of securities in one or more separate offerings. According to a Reuters report, the size, price, and terms of the transactions would be determined at the time of sale. 

Ramping a car company is no joke, so it would not be surprising at all if Lucid ends up raising funds several more times in the future. Other EV makers that have successfully scaled their operations, such as Tesla, have done the same thing. With this in mind, it does appear that Lucid would likely remain fighting an uphill battle, at least for the near future. 

Fortunately, Lucid is quite a realist. CEO Peter Rawlinson has been pretty open about the fact that the company would need to raise money as it ramps its operations. The EV maker has noted that it had already raised the $4.4 billion it needs for 2022, though Rawlinson also mentioned that Lucid would not be waiting until the end of the year to raise more cash. 

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Lucid Motors is looking to raise $8 billion more in planned mixed shelf offering
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