Lucid Air briefly “bricked” after failed over-the-air software update

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Lucid began rolling out software update version 1.2.6 last Friday, and for the most part, things seem to be doing well. But just like popular consumer products like iOS and Android smartphones, there will be times when a software update ends up bricking a device. 

Unfortunately for one Lucid Air owner, his car happened to draw the short end of the OTA stick. After initiating the update and waiting 3-4 hours, the owner was surprised to see an error message inside his Air sedan. The message was clear: “Software Update Failed – Vehicle May Not Be Drivable.”

Credit: Alex/Lucid Owners Forum

At this point, the message did seem to be accurate as the Lucid Air seemed totally dead, according to the owner who posted about the experience in the Lucid Owners Forum. The doors would not unlock, and the vehicle showed that the OTA update was 0% completed. The owner was able to enter the luxury sedan through the trunk, which allowed him to open the Air’s doors mechanically. 

A call to Lucid’s customer care hotline did not help much, though the automaker’s representative reported the incident to the company’s OTA team. Fortunately, the “bricked” Lucid Air started showing life about an hour later. The alarms triggered and had to be disabled through the key fob, and the doors were able to unlock. The error message remained present in the vehicle’s display, however. 

This time around, though, the Lucid Air owner was able to put the car in Drive and Reverse, so the vehicle was likely drivable. The owner then received a call from Lucid’s customer care division, which stated that another software update would be attempted. Unfortunately, this also failed, and the owner was informed that he should hear from the company about a mobile tech being deployed to address the issue. 

Credit: Alex/Lucid Owners Forum

Interestingly enough, the OTA error message seemed to resolve itself after some time. After the whole drama with its two failed software updates, the vehicle charged overnight anyway. The software update failure messages were also present only on the vehicle’s mobile app the following day. The car seemed drivable as well. 

It should be noted that while the Lucid Air owner’s experience seemed quite exhausting, instances of bricked vehicles are not exclusive to the EV startup. Even Teslas, which are the most prolific electric cars on the market today, have been bricked by software updates in the past. 

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Lucid Air briefly “bricked” after failed over-the-air software update
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