New record for largest Tesla light show clinched by owners in Finland

Credit: IMettomaki | X

Owners participating in a massive coordinated light show in Finland have clinched the new record for the largest Tesla light show as of this week.

In a post from Helsinki, Finland, on Saturday, X user IMettomaki shared videos of what seems to be the new record for the largest Tesla light show, which reportedly had over 687 of the cars on-site, nearly tripling the old record-breaker, according to the post. The videos show the massive fleet of Teslas flashing their lights in highly syncopated rhythms to the song.

The event featured the track “Sandstorm” by Finnish artist Darude, and the Tesla light show’s massive scale is shown in the pair of videos, which were taken from on the ground.

In the videos, you can see the close coordination between the many cars as they utilize the headlights and taillights to create massive, sometimes red-colored auras around the outdoor space. The bright coordinated lights are also highlighted by their absence when all the vehicles turn them off for brief instants throughout the videos.

The news comes after the record was clinched by another event in September, during which around 255 Tesla vehicles were brought together for a coordinated light show to a remix of “Can’t Stop” by The Red Hot Chili Peppers. In July, Tesla owners in California held a Cybertruck-themed light show after the automaker launched the coordinated lighting feature to all of its vehicles last year.

Prior to the record-breaking Tesla light show in Germany, the previous record was thought to have been held by a San Luis Obispo, California event which held a coordinated show with 170 Tesla vehicles to over 2,300 attendees.

Tesla initially debuted the light show feature with the Model X, though it was offered to the rest of its vehicles as of last year’s Holiday Update release.

You can watch the full video from the event below, courtesy of Simon Pollock.

Updated 11/19/23: Replaced a preview video of the event with the full video covering the light show from Simon Pollock.

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New record for largest Tesla light show clinched by owners in Finland
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