Owners host largest Tesla light show yet in Germany

Credit: Tesla Light Shows | YouTube

Tesla’s vehicles have the unique ability to put on synchronized light shows with other Teslas, which can be a particularly entertaining feature in large groups. Last night, one group put on the world’s largest Tesla light show yet, held in Hamm, Germany.

The Tesla light show was posted on YouTube and X on Sunday, showing off the 255 vehicles that participated as they flashed and pulsed to a remix of “Can’t Stop” by The Red Hot Chili Peppers. The light show was the closing event of the 2befair Elekrische Community EVent in Hamm, as created in a collaboration featuring Tesla Club Austria, the German owners’ club Tesla Fahrer und Freunde e.V., and the YouTube channel Tesla Light Shows.

In the video, you can see the Teslas from several angles, some from on the ground and others from an aerial drone. The cars can be seen utilizing various colors from their headlights and taillights, sometimes all together and other times displaying a colorful array.

The video shows several rows of cars parked in two side-by-side lots, going from moments of complete darkness to varying brightness levels. Because the vehicles are synchronized, they can demonstrate interesting light patterns, like a few moments where only taillights are being used split-seconds apart to create the appearance of laser-like motion from aerial views.

Tesla released its Light Show feature to all of its vehicles in a holiday update last December, after it was previously only available in the Model X. Several Tesla light shows have been held over the years, with a recent example including a Cybertruck-inspired show at a Tesla takeover in California to “The Final Countdown” by Swedish rock band Europe.

That light show was held in San Luis Obispo and was previously considered the largest Tesla light show yet, including 170 Teslas and around 2,300 attendees.

You can watch the full Tesla light show below, as held over the weekend in Hamm, Germany.

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Owners host largest Tesla light show yet in Germany
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