Tesla Quicksilver Model Y is making the rounds in select European stores

Credit: Tesla Inc./LinkedIn

Tesla Germany is definitely proud of its next-generation paint shop’s newest creation — the Model Y in Quicksilver paint. To promote the all-electric crossover’s newest color, Tesla is currently featuring the Quicksilver Model Y in several of its European stores. 

Tesla’s promotional efforts for the Quicksilver Model Y were posted in the company’s official LinkedIn account. In its post, Tesla described the new paint option as the “boldest color yet from Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg.” “Our new Quicksilver Model Y can now be experienced live across many of our European stores,” Tesla wrote. 

Tesla announced the Germany-made Model Y’s newest paint options in October, with the electric vehicle maker highlighting that both colors were only made possible because of Giga Berlin’s advanced paint shop, which allows for up to 13 layers for depth and dimension. The EV maker also noted that its new colors, Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red, were made from highly-pigmented metallic paint that’s designed to change depending on the viewing angle and lighting conditions. 

A close look at a Quicksilver Model Y at Auto Zürich in Switzerland last month showed that the paint option is definitely one of Tesla’s best to date. A quick tour of Auto Zürich was shared on YouTube, and it showed that Quicksilver was indeed a standout among the company’s other paint options, particularly in the event hall’s dim lights

Tesla’s comments in its LinkedIn post about Quicksilver being Giga Berlin’s boldest color yet is definitely accurate today. That is, at least, until the electric vehicle facility starts producing Model Ys painted in Midnight Cherry Red. When Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red were unveiled, many were immediately drawn to the latter, despite the option being Tesla’s most expensive paint today

For now, Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red are only available for vehicles that are produced in Giga Berlin. Considering that previous comments from Elon Musk suggest that Giga Berlin’s next-generation paint shop will also be fitted into the Fremont Factory and Giga Shanghai as well, it may only be a matter of time before Tesla’s entire vehicle lineup across the globe features color options like Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red. 

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Tesla Quicksilver Model Y is making the rounds in select European stores
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