Oil giant Shell partners with Penske for light-duty EV charging

L2 Charger with Penske Van (Credit: Penske Truck Leasing)

Oil and gas giant Shell has partnered with Penske Truck Leasing to launch a new joint initiative to support light-duty electric vehicle charging at Penske locations. The companies announced the partnership yesterday at the Advanced Clean Transportation Act Expo.

Penske Truck Leasing and Shell will initially deploy a series of Level 2 electric truck charging stations with plug-and-charge capabilities in four U.S. states this year, with plans for a further expansion of available charging locations in the coming years. It appears the first station will be available in California to support Penske’s growing fleet of battery-electric trucks in the State.

“Collaborating with Shell will help us expand and diversify our electric vehicle charging network and to support the light-duty electric vans we recently introduced,” Penske Truck Leasing President Art Vallely said. “We continue to invest in growing our electric fleet and charging infrastructure to provide more options to customers seeking sustainable fleet solutions.”

Shell will be responsible for delivering, designing, installing, and supporting the charging network through its SKY software platform, a press release said. Shell Recharge Solutions, the company’s initiative to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, is also planning to provide maintenance support across Penske’s network of Level 2 electric truck charging stations, it said.

“Penske’s light-duty EV expansion project demonstrates that e-mobility is a viable option that’s available now,” Shell’s Vice President of Enterprise Accounts, Sectors, and Decarbonization Daniel Silva said. “We’re proud to work with Penske in decarbonizing their fleets which will lead to greater value for all parties while significantly reducing emissions.”

Thirty-three total Penske Truck Leasing sites will feature the Shell Recharge Solutions battery-electric truck charging stations. Twenty-three locations will be built in California, with three more in Washington State, two in Colorado, Illinois, and Oregon, and one in Reading, Pennsylvania, where Penske is based. This brings the total number of Penske-Shell Level 2 chargers to a total of 79.

Penske has pushed heavily to incorporate more electrified options into its fleet recently. The company ordered 750 Ford E-Transit vans for rental and leasing, which will be delivered within the next few weeks. Additionally, Penske added a leasable fleet of Orange EV-brand electric terminal trucks to its fleet offerings last week.

Shell is not the first oil industry giant to venture into EV charging. Volkswagen recently announced it would partner with bp for a fast-charging rollout in Europe, with up to 4,000 charge points installed in the coming years.

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Oil giant Shell partners with Penske for light-duty EV charging
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