Porsche Taycan production temporarily halted over Ukraine crisis

(Credit: Porsche AG)

The Taycan may be one of Porsche’s most popular models today, but the crisis in Ukraine has resulted in the sports car maker temporarily suspending the production of its flagship all-electric sedan. The Taycan’s production at Porsche’s Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen factory will be halted until the end of next week, according to a company statement. 

Porsche notes that the Taycan’s production halt is due to a lack of components for the vehicle, such as wire harnesses, which are produced in Ukraine. With the halt, Porsche would not be able to build the 200 or so Taycans that it normally produces every day. 

Porsche’s production challenges are not limited to the Taycan. Vehicles such as the Porsche 911 GT3 and GT3 Touring, the Porsche 718, the Porsche Cayenne, and the best-selling Porsche Macan are also poised to see their production halted this month due to supply chain issues. 

The halt of the Taycan’s production would likely cause delays in the deliveries of the all-electric sports sedan. The pandemic has already presented challenges with vehicle supply chains, and the addition of the war in Ukraine has only made things worse. This suggests that Taycan customers, particularly those that are only ordering the vehicle today, are likely up for a fairly long wait. 

The Porsche Taycan has been extremely successful since its launch. Just last month, reports emerged that more Taycan’s were sold in Norway than internal-combustion cars in January 2022. The Taycan was so popular that it actually outsold much cheaper vehicles like the Toyota Corolla and the Honda Civic. 

Porsche has since expanded the Taycan line. While the vehicle launched as a four-door sedan, the German sports car maker also introduced the Taycan Cross Turismo, which is capable of minor off-roading, as well as the Taycan Gran Turismo Sport (GTS), which provides more cargo space than its sedan sibling. 

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Porsche Taycan production temporarily halted over Ukraine crisis
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