Porsche Taycan wheel and tire size revealed in pre-production prototype sighting

Porsche Taycan winter testing. (Photo: Tye/

Porsche has stated that one of the Taycan’s primary characteristics will be its capability to be driven hard on the track. In order to do this, the upcoming all-electric four-door would have to be equipped with powerful motors, a well-balanced, hefty battery, and capable, high-performance wheels. It takes some serious rubber, after all, to ensure that the Taycan stays planted on the road when it’s ripping through a closed circuit. 

So far, Porsche has kept the Taycan’s tire size secret. Even the camouflaged prototypes of the vehicle that have been deployed across the globe and spotted in numerous countries have mostly been equipped with unmarked tires. Fortunately, St00k, a moderator at, was recently able to capture a rare image one of the Taycan’s wheels that just happens to be marked.  

What the moderator found was quite surprising. Looking at the Taycan prototypes that are being tested across the globe, it is easy to see that the all-electric vehicle is equipped with massive, wide tires.

The Porsche Taycan’s tires. (Photo: St00k/

As could be seen in the recently-shared photo, the Taycan prototype was equipped with 305/30/ZR21 Goodyear Eagle tires. That’s incredibly wide for a four-door sedan that’s the size of the Taycan, especially considering that the larger Tesla Model S P100D (now dubbed as the Model S Performance), only comes with 265/35/21 rear tires. 

These large, wide tires hint at serious track performance for the Taycan. Large wheels such as 305/30/ZR21s, after all, provide exceptional handling for the upcoming all-electric car. This is particularly important for the Taycan, considering that one of its key selling points is its capability to be driven hard for extended periods of time without losing power.

So far, the Tesla Model 3 Performance is the benchmark when it comes to electric four-door sedans that can handle track driving, thanks to its dedicated Track Mode. With this in mind, Porsche would have to dig deep to make sure that the Taycan, which is significantly more expensive than the Model 3 Performance, will feature closed circuit driving capabilities that justify its Model S-level price. 

While the Taycan’s 305/30/ZR21 tires confirm that the vehicle will be a monster around the track, the large tires also bring up some concerns about the vehicle’s range and efficiency. Larger, wider tires usually give optimum performance at the cost of range. This could be seen in the Model S, as a pre-“Raven” 100D equipped with 245/45/19 tires was listed with more range than a P100D fitted with 265/35/21 tires. 

Hopefully, Porsche could balance the Taycan’s performance with its range well. This would allow the highly-anticipated vehicle to avoid the pitfalls of other premium EVs from European automakers such as Audi and Jaguar, both of whom have released otherwise great electric cars that are, unfortunately, the zero-emissions equivalent of gas-guzzlers.

Watch a preview of the Porsche Taycan’s track capabilities in the video below.

Porsche Taycan wheel and tire size revealed in pre-production prototype sighting
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