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The Rivian Adventure Network has finally reached the East Coast

Credit: Rivian

Rivian has placed its first Adventure Network fast charger on the U.S. East Coast as it works to introduce 600 fast charging locations across the country.

For those unfamiliar, the Rivian Adventure Network is the truck maker’s answer to the Tesla Supercharging Network. At Adventure Network charging locations, Rivian drivers have exclusive access to renewable and 200kW fast charging, often in locations off the beaten path (hence the name). While these chargers have been placed more consistently throughout the West Coast, Rivian will now be placing its first Adventure Network charger on the other side of the country in Blowing Rock, North Carolina.

According to Reddit user AudubonDriver, the upcoming Adventure Network charger was spotted “at the Shoppes at the Parkway [in] Blowing Rock, NC.” The Adventure Network fast chargers can be differentiated from Rivian’s less powerful Waypoint chargers thanks to the immense power station and more prominent charging posts seen in the pictures posted by the user.

Rivian received broad support when it announced the Adventure Network back in 2021. Six hundred locations with 3,500 chargers, placed precisely where adventurous owners will need them, close to adventure. Since the company’s announcement, it has made good on that exact goal. You can now find Rivian chargers from the middle of the mountains of Colorado, to the deep forests of Washington state, with the exception of much of the Central and all of the Eastern United States.

Outside of Rivian’s Adventure Network, it is also working to place 10,000 of its “Waypoints,” smaller 11.5kW chargers typically located near shops, restaurants, parks, and more. While retaining the automatic charging feature for R1 owners, these chargers are also open to other EVs.

With this Adventure Network charger placement, Rivian is not only making it easier for customers to charge their vehicles, but it is inching ever closer to nationwide deliveries.

According to the Rivian support site, one major factor that contributes to when a reservation holder receives their vehicle is the customer’s proximity to the company’s service locations. With the introduction of charging infrastructure in North Carolina, many have wondered if a service station will follow, bringing with it vehicle deliveries to the state.

Rivian has placed 16 of its promised 600 Adventure Network charging locations and 28 service stations across 18 states/provinces, showing the American automaker still has a lot of work to do. However, if Rivian has proven anything since introducing its vehicles to public roads, it has shown that it is persistent. Hopefully, this persistence can equate to a rapidly increasing number of chargers in North America over the coming months and years, as well as subsequent deliveries of vehicles that customers have so patiently waited for.

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The Rivian Adventure Network has finally reached the East Coast
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