Rivian filings reveal Amazon delivery van names, cargo capacity, and specific trims

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Rivian’s filings to the NHTSA have revealed something very interesting — the name and what appears to be the main specs of the company’s all-electric delivery vans. Based on these VIN filings, it appears that Rivian may have plans to sell its all-electric delivery vans to clients beyond Amazon in the future. 

Immediately noticeable from Rivian’s VIN filings was the fact that there are three listed trims for its delivery van, each with a different drivetrain option. The names of the Rivian electric delivery van are “500 LHD Van,” “500 RHD Van,” and “700 Van.” As noted in the Rivian Owners Forum, the names of the vehicles seem to be a reference to their cargo capacity.

Credit: Rivian Owners Forum

With this in mind, it appears that the company is looking to initially release versions of the electric delivery van with a capacity of 500 cubic feet and 700 cubic feet, respectively. The vehicles will also be offered in 2x single-motor AWD, dual-motor FWD, and single-motor FWD options. Speculations are abounding that Rivian would be releasing a 900 cubic foot variant of the vehicle in the future as well. 

Perhaps the most interesting portion of Rivian’s filings, however, lies in the specific trims of the 500 LHD Van, 500 RHD Van, and 700 Van. As could be seen in the document, the vehicles would be offered in two trims: the “S” and “Z.” The “Z” variant is specifically listed as an “Amazon” vehicle, while the “S” trim was listed simply for “Service.” Whether this pertains to Rivian’s plans to release its electric delivery vans to clients beyond Amazon in the future remains to be seen, but a trim that’s set apart from the e-commerce giant is quite interesting nonetheless. 

While Rivian R1T deliveries to employees are now underway, reports have recently emerged hinting that the company is laser-focused on releasing some of its electric delivery vans by the end of the year. Back in July, for example, CEO RJ Scaringe noted that while deliveries of the R1T pickup truck would be delayed, the electric delivery vans for Amazon were still being rolled out as scheduled. Sources close to Rivian’s operations have also told Bloomberg that the company is looking to produce as many as 300 Amazon delivery vans by the end of the year, with 10,000 being produced in 2022. 

Rivian currently has an order for 100,000 units of its all-electric delivery vans from Amazon, with the vehicles due for delivery by the end of the decade. On the other hand, the news outlet’s sources have noted that Rivian has so far received refundable deposits for over 48,300 R1T pickup trucks and R1S SUVs. With this in mind, it would be quite unsurprising if Rivian ends up really focusing its production on vehicles that Amazon ordered. 

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Rivian filings reveal Amazon delivery van names, cargo capacity, and specific trims
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