Rivian R1T’s air compressor is a perfect accessory in a pinch

Credit: omg_rivian | TikTok

Rivian’s philosophy from day one has shown that electric vehicles can be for the adventurous, and they’re capable of handling challenging off-road terrains while maintaining a luxurious and high-tech feel. Among the most useful accessories included on the R1T is the onboard air compressor, which not only can be used for the vehicle’s tires, but bike tires during a camping trip or a basketball if you find a hoop during a getaway.

While most of us only put air in our tires a handful of times during the ownership experience of a vehicle, there is something to be said about how crucial it can be to have access to compressed air at any time. Perhaps one of your tires is low just before embarking home from a weekend trip, and while a gas station is only a few blocks away, your tire is a little lower than you’re comfortable with.

This seemed to be the situation one TikTok user, omg_rivian, had with his R1T when his vehicle prompted him that his left rear tire had lost enough tire pressure to justify a notification. Instead of having to head to a local gas station or use a foot pump, the owner had the onboard air compressor to utilize instead, which allowed him to set the accessory to 48 psi, returning his tires to normal operational pressure.

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It took a few seconds to complete and was an easy process thanks to the included 20-foot-long hose that extends from the compressor to any tire on the vehicle with relative ease. The left rear tire is closest to the air compressor, which made this inflation task much easier compared to others.

Rivian said in its R1T owner’s manual that the vehicle must be in Park and unlocked for the air compressor to be operational. The three buttons: a -, a +, and a ‘Play/Pause’ button are self-explanatory.

Rivian has plenty of useful features that can be added to the R1T and other features that are not necessarily a necessity but definitely add to the ownership experience. One of the coolest and most useful features is, without a doubt, the Air Compressor, simply because of its versatility and alignment with Rivian’s mission as a company.

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Rivian R1T’s air compressor is a perfect accessory in a pinch
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