Tesla’s 200 MWh Megapack installation in Angleton, TX is ready for the next big freeze

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla recently uploaded a video introducing its latest energy storage project in Angleton, Texas. Tesla installed 81 Megapacks in Angleton totaling 200 MWh of energy.

According to Tesla, the Megapack storage project will allow Angleton to participate in the energy storage market and support the Texas grid during outages. Tesla’s video reminded people of the Texas Big Freeze in February 2021, when parts of the state lost power for three days. With Angleton’s Megapack project, Tesla can help support the grid in Texas during events like the Big Freeze. 

(Credit: City of Angleton, Texas)

Based on official documents from Angleton obtained by Teslarati, the 81 Megapack project started with a proposal submission in 2019. The proposal described a “Gambit” Energy Storage Park Project. In March 2021—after the Big Freeze—Bloomberg reported that Tesla registered a subsidiary named Gambit Energy Storage LLC that planned to quietly build more than a 100 MW energy storage project in Angleton, Texas.

According to documents from Angleton, Tesla’s Gambit Energy Storage Park Project sits on 7.7 acres of land, but the actual footprint of the project is 2.5 acres. The land was chosen because of the electrical characteristics of the Angleton substation. The project site is located 0.3 miles away from Texas New Mexico Power. Co substation. 

The proposal for Tesla’s Angleton Megapack system revealed some of the project’s projected benefits, including ~$35 million added to the tax base and an estimated ~$215,000+ in Year 1 property tax revenue. Benefits also included an increased city budget for public services and school, and 15-20 construction jobs during a 6-month construction period. Of course, the overarching benefit was included in the list: increased local electric grid reliability. 

Checkout Tesla’s Megapack project in Angleton, Texas below!

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Tesla’s 200 MWh Megapack installation in Angleton, TX is ready for the next big freeze
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