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New Tesla app update shows owners significantly more charging data

Credit: Tesla China/Twitter

The Tesla app has been updated to version 4.16, showing owners more information about their past charging.

The Tesla app continues to improve with new functionality coming in version 4.16. According to NotaTeslaApp, the latest update shows far more information about an owner’s charging habits, how much money they are saving, and much more. This comes only days after Tesla introduced the holiday update to its vehicles that brought a slew of new functionality to them as well.

Looking at the Tesla app’s Appstore page, the release notes are short but sweet: “View Charge Stats for the entire year, swipe graphs to see charging history.” But a few other upgrades are coming with the update. NotaTeslaApp notes that owners can now switch units when looking at charging history, between “total charged” and “total spent,” showing two different graphs.

Smaller changes include:

  1. Adding the vehicle’s name to the top right of the screen when looking at gas savings.
  2. Adding the ability to switch between kWh and the amount spent in the cost section.
  3. A new “Charging Tips” section to help new owners to maintain battery health and limit charging costs.
  4. New “News and Events” notification settings.

For many owners, the Tesla app is one of the best features currently offered by the company. And not only due to its extensive feature set but also to its vast superiority over other automaker’s app offerings. Hopefully, as the Tesla app continues to improve, it can motivate other carmakers to improve their software and lead to a better ownership experience for everyone.

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New Tesla app update shows owners significantly more charging data
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