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Volkswagen reportedly aims for software supremacy

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Volkswagen will reportedly discuss its software roadmap at an upcoming meeting with CEO Oliver Blume.

Volkswagen has made key moves to improve its software chops in recent months. First, the company shook up its leadership with new executives to lead crucial software groups. Then, the auto-group made a point of investing billions into software improvements via a new partnership. And now, according to Reuters, Volkswagen will be meeting with top executives shortly to cover the company’s “software roadmap.”

This story was originally reported by the German newspaper Handelsblatt, which reported that inside sources spoke anonymously that the long-anticipated software roadmap would be revealed at a meeting with VW Group CEO Oliver Blume. And while Volkswagen has repeatedly declined to comment on the story, there is reason to believe the report. Especially considering that VW has been consistently working to improve its software chops over the past few months.

Very few details are known about the upcoming software plan. Still, Reuters notes that many anticipate further investments into the technology and a dedication to a completely revamped software 2.0 platform.

As Tesla has shown, software offerings will be an ever more important part of vehicles in the coming years. Everything from self-driving capabilities to basic U/I experiences are becoming selling points for forward-looking consumers. And with less to differentiate the driving experiences of different electric vehicles, software offerings will only become more important as time goes on.

Volkswagen has lagged behind competitors in terms of software. None of their vehicles have yet to offer autonomous driving capabilities already available on vehicles from traditional competitors and startups alike. At the same time, the Volkswagen brand has come under fire in recent months for offering a heavily criticized U/I experience in the newest generation Golf R and for not offering over-the-air updates on their newest electric vehicles, such as the ID.4 and ID.3.

Hopefully, through a rededication to software offerings, VW can get back on the right track and begin to offer consumers the software experience they have now come to expect of the vehicles they buy. But the pressure is on as other companies continue to improve and break away from the German brand.

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Volkswagen reportedly aims for software supremacy
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