Tesla is offering basic Autopilot as in-app purchase for $2K until July 1

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Tesla’s basic Autopilot in-app purchase has been adjusted to just $2,000 until July 1, as per recent updates by Elon Musk. With this update, Tesla has incentivized Autopilot purchases for many electric car owners in its fleet, with the company offering its advanced driver-assist suite for the price of Red Multi-Coat paint. 

Elon Musk’s announcement was preceded by requests from the Tesla community to allow discounted basic Autopilot in-app purchases at a discount. After pledging to look into the idea, Musk posted late this weekend that basic Autopilot activation via in-app purchase has been adjusted to just $2,000. That being said, Musk did note that the $2,000 price is only valid until July 1. 

Today, Tesla’s new vehicle orders include basic Autopilot as a standard feature. Unless one orders the $35,000 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range, Autopilot comes bundled in with every electric car order. This means that the vast majority of Teslas today come shipped with the ability to steer, accelerate, and brake automatically for other vehicles and pedestrians within their lane, at no extra cost.

This was not the case before. Prior to the standardization of basic Autopilot, Tesla was selling a driver-assist package called Enhanced Autopilot for $5,000 and Full Self-Driving as another optional purchase. Enhanced Autopilot is a bit more robust than today’s basic Autopilot with its access to features like Navigate on Autopilot, but it did not include today’s FSD features such as Smart Summon and Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control. 

This ultimately means that there is a significant number of vehicles on Tesla’s fleet today that does not have any Autopilot functionalities at all. Seeing as Autopilot was a $5,000 add-on during the period when the system was being sold as Enhanced Autopilot, this was understandable. Teslas, after all, are great driver’s cars even without their advanced driver-assist suite. 

Apart from making basic Autopilot more accessible to more Tesla owners with its discounted price, the company itself benefits from having more of its vehicles using its driver-assist features. This is partly because the backbone of Tesla’s full self-driving approach is real-world driving data, and more Autopilot miles means more data to train the neural network. Ultimately, this recent update from Elon Musk is not just a way to offer Autopilot at a lower cost to customers; it is also a way to further accelerate the development of its full self-driving initiatives. 

Tesla is offering basic Autopilot as in-app purchase for $2K until July 1
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