Tesla China is aiming to produce 71k vehicles this June: report

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The second quarter has been challenging for Tesla. With Gigafactory Shanghai shut down for several weeks and China enacting a strict lockdown, Tesla China’s sales in the country have not been optimal. But the quarter is not over yet, and Tesla China is reportedly looking to end Q2 on a high note. 

Data from the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) suggests that Tesla had produced about 44,301 vehicles in April and May 2022. This was understandable considering China’s lockdowns, but it is notably lower than the estimated 178,887 cars that Giga Shanghai produced in the first quarter. 

While it may not be feasible to match Giga Shanghai’s Q1 production output, an internal production memo retrieved by Reuters revealed that Tesla China is aiming to make over 71,000 vehicles this June. Together with the 44,301 that were produced in April and March, this month’s output could allow Tesla China to end the second quarter with a total of 115,300 cars produced. 

Tesla China, for its part, has not issued a comment about the recent reports as of writing. 

With the government easing Covid restrictions in Shanghai this month, the number of Teslas that could be sold in June may indeed be quite impressive. Giga Shanghai is well on its way toward ramping its weekly production as well. As per recent reports, the plant has reportedly reached 90% of its output level before the recent shutdowns. 

Tesla had reportedly reached a daily output of 2,600 vehicles in late May, according to the publication’s sources. As per the company’s recent memo, however, Tesla will be looking to produce 17,000 cars per week starting June 13, which also happens to be the date when Giga Shanghai’s closed-loop system ends. 

Gigafactory Shanghai is Tesla’s primary vehicle export hub, with the plant supplying Model 3 sedans and Model Y crossovers to foreign territories like Europe. Last year, Tesla’s China-made vehicles accounted for about half of the 936,000 cars that the company delivered worldwide. This number is poised to increase this year, despite the challenges faced by Tesla in China this quarter. 

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Tesla China is aiming to produce 71k vehicles this June: report
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