Tesla’s Head Product Designer hints at Cybertruck diecast model

(Credit: Dave Rand)

Tesla’s Director of Product Design, Javier Verdura, hinted toward the possibility of a Cybertruck diecast model hitting the online shop for fans and enthusiasts to purchase for their own collections.

For a long time, Tesla has offered diecast models of its electric vehicles on its online shop. The next-gen Roadster, Model X, Model S, and Model 3 are all currently purchasable in 1:18 scale diecast models for $175. The Tesla Semi is also available at 1:24 scale for the same price. However, the Cybertruck and the Model Y remain absent, the Cybertruck for understandable reasons as Tesla just recently finalized the design of the all-electric pickup truck.

Now, it seems that Verdura, who is responsible for the diecast models, is working on a Cybertruck diecast, and it could be released soon.

Verdura has worked at Tesla since 2012 as the Director of Product Design. He indicates his specialties are “Ideation, Product Design, Structural Packaging Design, Design Strategy, Engineering, Market Insights,” on his LinkedIn.

While not incredibly important to the Tesla mission, the diecast models are a great piece of fan memorabilia that enthusiasts of the electric automaker feast on for their personal collections. As new models are released, Tesla fans seem to gravitate toward growing their collections of toy cars, and it goes past the Tesla-made diecast models. Tesla fans have also accumulated an interest in Hot Wheels brand Tesla diecast models. The small, affordable, and accurately designed Hot Wheels cars are elusive and are rare to find at a local store. Tesla fans have searched far and wide for theirs, and so did I.

The Cybertruck has also made its debut as a remote-controlled car thanks to Hot Wheels’ parent company Mattel, who recently began the initial deliveries of the RC Cybertruck, and its performance is impressive.

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However, the Tesla-made diecast models seem to hold additional prominence in the community of owners, fans, and enthusiasts. The scaled toy cars from Tesla are manufactured by using the exact same specifications as the vehicle itself as designers use 3D CAD software to manufacture precise duplicates on a smaller scale.

The Cybertruck has been Tesla’s biggest project in terms of vehicles over the past year and a half. Ever since unveiling the all-electric pickup in November 2019, Tesla has been working to slightly modify the design and dimensions so that it will be more friendly to residential parking spaces, garages, and, of course, the Boring Company tunnels.

Elon Musk confirmed earlier this year that Tesla did finalize the design, making the dimensions slightly smaller at a less than 3% reduction from its original size. Musk also indicated that updated photos of the Cybertruck could come in Q2, but there is no confirmation that they will be released in this timeframe.

Tesla’s Head Product Designer hints at Cybertruck diecast model
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