Tesla Cybertruck spotted on Fremont Test Track with massive wiper blade

Credit: YouTube | Chile AI100 via @SawyerMerritt on Twitter

The Tesla Cybertruck was spotted with some new features, including a massive, vertical, singular windshield wiper, similar to what the company intended to use with the next-gen Roadster in patents.

The Cybertruck was unveiled in 2019, and Tesla intended to build the vehicle this December. However, supply chain bottlenecks, demand increases, and Tesla’s soon-to-be-completed factory in Austin, Texas, where the Cybertruck will be manufactured, have all contributed to delays in the initial production process. In fact, last evening, Tesla revised the language on its Online Design Studio for the Cybertruck, removing the indication that the vehicle would be produced in 2022. Instead, Tesla now says that reservation holders will be able to complete their orders “as production nears,” with no definitive timeframe for manufacturing.

Tesla is still developing the Cybertruck as the all-electric pickup was spotted on the company’s Test Track at the Fremont Factory in Northern California. The Test Track has been used for Tesla’s vehicles that have been in development for some time. In January, the Model S Plaid was spotted on the test track, roughly five months before deliveries began. However, the Tesla Semi was also spotted on the Test Track earlier this year, and initial deliveries for that vehicle are expected to take place soon. This is especially relevant as PepsiCo. has started installing a Megacharger at its facility in Modesto, California in preparation for the fifteen Tesla Semis they could take delivery of before the end of 2021.

YouTube user Chile AI100 flew a drone over the Fremont Test Track on December 10, recording what appears to be a newly-revised Tesla Cybertruck, sporting some interesting features.

When Tesla CEO Elon Musk went on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast and spoke about the Cybertruck, he said that Tesla was revising the size of the vehicle, but only slightly. Tesla did not want to lose the overall design of the truck, so the dimensions were only to be revised by less than 3%, according to Musk’s own statement. Additionally, patents showed that Tesla may have been entertaining the installation of solar panels on the Cybertruck tonneau, which would give the vehicle additional range.

However, the most noticeable feature of the Cybertruck spotted on the Test Track was the massive windshield wiper blade that ran vertically up the vehicle’s driver’s side.

Credit: YouTube | Chile AI100 via @SawyerMerritt on Twitter

Interestingly, Tesla had planned initially for laser-powered Cybertruck wipers. When it was unveiled in 2019, the Cybertruck had no wipers. In September, Tesla gained patent approval for a laser-inspired wiper design. The design seen on the Cybertruck at the Fremont Test Track is similar to that of the next-gen Roadster, which Tesla gained approval for in January.

The full video can be seen below. There are also some interesting Model S designs on the test track, which Tesla appears to be refining.

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Tesla Cybertruck spotted on Fremont Test Track with massive wiper blade
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