Tesla debuts new Cybertruck off-roading app in exclusive video

Credit: Top Gear | YouTube

Tesla is set to roll out a new suite of Cybertruck off-roading features, as detailed in an exclusive video shared over the weekend.

The forthcoming off-roading tools for the Tesla Cybertruck were shown in an exclusive video shared by Top Gear on Sunday, set to include new features such as additional off-roading modes, access to pitch and angle settings, front and rear locking differential controls, and more.

The video shows both a Cybertruck and a Rivian R1T in Johnson Valley, California, as they test out whether Tesla’s pickup can effectively perform off-roading maneuvers. Both electric trucks are shown performing four off-roading tests: a rock crawl, a “whoops” test, a jump, and a sand dune crawl, with the Cybertruck using some of the new features.

The new off-roading features include four dedicated terrain modes, including all-purpose, rock, gravel/deep snow, and sand. The software also lets drivers toggle between turning the locking differentials all on, only the rear on, or all off.

You can see some of the menus navigating to the new Cybertruck off-road features below.

Credit: Top Gear | YouTube

Credit: Top Gear | YouTube

The Cybertruck has been spotted during a number of off-roading demos since before it was released in November, and Tesla has clearly made off-roading ability a priority focus. While the Cybertruck has drawn criticism for going viral during off-road tests that seemed to go wrong, some have suggested that these situations were due to inexperienced off-road drivers.

Others may also note that Tesla was not yet done rolling out the full range of off-road features for the Cybertruck, as evidenced by the upcoming feature release. The video also shows the highly anticipated Cybertruck light bar, set above the vehicle’s windshield.

In response to the news posted on X by reporter Sawyer Merritt, Tesla Cybertruck engineer Wes Morrill also commented on the off-road features, hinting that there may be even more in the upcoming release than the video shows. It’s also not yet clear when the new off-roading features will be released, but Morrill says that the detailed release notes for the update will soon be made public.

Watch the full Cybertruck off-roading video from the Top Gear team below.

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Tesla debuts new Cybertruck off-roading app in exclusive video
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