Tesla Cybertruck police cruiser deployed in Greenfield, CA

Credit: Unplugged Performance/UP.FIT

The Greenfield Police Department in California teased its upcoming Tesla Cybertruck cruiser. The Tesla Cybertruck will join the Greenfield Police Department’s new Model Y fleet. 

“While you’ll soon see our sleek Model Y Tesla patrol car around town, we couldn’t resist sharing a sneak peek of the futuristic Tesla Cybertruck prototype, complete with lights and sirens visiting Greenfield!

“By going electric, we’re not only reducing pollution but also saving the city an estimated $15,000 in gas annually!” announced Greenfield Police. 

At the beginning of the year, Elon Musk encouraged the Rosenberg Police to add a Tesla Cybertruck to its fleet. The Rosenberg Police asked Musk if the Cybertruck would be a good replacement for its older units. Musk replied with a “100.”

In May, Unplugged Performance teased a Tesla Cybertruck cruiser outfitted with its UP.Fit police kit. Unplugged Performance’s Tesla Cybertruck police cruiser was officially unveiled last month. The Tesla Cybertruck police cruiser is equipped with the tech modern police vehicles need, like sirens, a PA loudspeaker system, and upgraded radio and computer systems. 

The Greenfield Police Department’s upcoming Tesla Cybertruck vehicles will be outfitted with Unplugged Performance’s UP.Fit police kit

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Tesla Cybertruck police cruiser deployed in Greenfield, CA
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