Tesla Cybertruck 1:10 RC Car from Hot Wheels is ‘so damn fast’

Credit: Tesla Raj | YouTube

The Tesla Cybertruck 1:10 scale RC car from Hot Wheels and parent company Mattel is finally arriving at customer doorsteps, and it’s so damn fast your head will spin.

Last year, Mattel announced that it would be bringing the polarizing, all-electric Cybertruck to the market before Tesla could. The only difference is that this would be a remote-controlled version of the electric pickup, and it would be making its way to enthusiasts and fans before Tesla would begin production of the monstrous machine known as the Cybertruck.

Tesla Cybertruck RC car is coming to Hot Wheels in two flavors

Now, after several delays, the 1:10 scale RC car is finally arriving to customers, and YouTuber and Tesla owner-enthusiast Tesla Raj gave a realistic review of the Cybertruck and its capabilities. “It’s so damn fast,” he said.

Arriving in a stylish, sleek, and durable briefcase, the RC Cybertruck includes everything you need to get started driving around what is arguably the most badass RC car of all time. The kit includes a Cybertruck, a battery, charging devices, the remote control, owner guides, and a bumper guard to keep the car intact in case of a collision with an obstacle. Charging the car when it arrives only takes about 60 minutes, according to Raj. It is ideal to charge the battery fully so the car can perform at its best for maximum entertainment.

Interestingly, the Cybertruck performs extremely well in settings that wouldn’t normally be ideal for RC cars. Raj took his into the front yard and navigated through tricky terrain thanks to the Cybertruck’s all-wheel-drive powertrain. Its increased power and acceleration surely assisted in this, and its durability is somewhat reminiscent of the actual Cybertruck itself, which is constructed from an extremely strong stainless steel alloy.

The RC Cybertruck navigated freely through the grass, making it pretty impressive in its operation.

Another extremely cool feature is the fully functional headlights and taillights that come standard on the 1:10 scale RC Cybertruck. Identical to the real design, the RC Cybertruck’s headlight bar stretches from one end of the car to the other. Meanwhile, the taillights share similarities to the real vehicle as well, identical to the real design, just on a smaller scale. They’re pretty powerful too. While they’re more of a cosmetic feature than anything, the headlights and taillights might have some utility if the car gets stuck in a small, confined, and dark space, which is pretty common for these small remote-controlled machines.

Raj had a few critiques for the RC Cybertruck, as well. The tonneau cover was “stiff” and wasn’t as smooth in quality as most would think it would be. The tailgate is held by magnets, which is a nice touch, Raj said. However, the extendable ramp wasn’t as quality as he had hoped for, and for a $450 RC car, “you would think the attention to detail would be present.”

Overall, the Cybertruck RC car is a really great purchase for anyone who is a huge fan of Tesla, or anyone who just enjoys quality toys that have a lot of durability and capability. “It was really impressive to see the work that was put in to make this vehicle, from the rubber tires to the ability and the power that this remote-controlled car has is very impressive,” Raj said.

His full review is available below. Be sure to check it out and let him know what you think! You can tell him @TeslaRaj on Twitter.

Tesla Cybertruck 1:10 RC Car from Hot Wheels is ‘so damn fast’
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