Tesla Cybertrucks are leaving the Giga Texas outbound lot at a rapid pace

Credit: Tesla

Tesla’s Gigafactory in Texas has been busy since the Cybertruck’s initial delivery event in November, as the automaker continues to ramp up production of the electric pickup.

On Wednesday, drone operator and longtime Giga Texas observer Joe Tegtmeyer shared another construction update video from the factory, showing both Cybertruck and Model Y units in the automaker’s outbound lot.

Tegtmeyer says that Cybertruck production is ramping and that volume appears to be higher than last week, though he also adds that it’s hard to count because the trucks are being loaded up and shipped as soon as they’re making it outside the factory. He also notes that vehicles are being picked up and shipped particularly rapidly today, including the Model Y units.

You can see a few stills from Tegtmeyer’s drone flight below, as shared on X on Wednesday morning.

The Tesla Cybertruck began initial deliveries at a Giga Texas delivery event on November 30, with only a dozen or so units going out at the event. Since then, more and more Cybertrucks have been making their way into the hands of Tesla employees and some celebrities, thus far all being the limited launch edition “Foundation Series” versions of the pickup.

The Cybertruck production ramp going smoothly will come as welcome news to the vehicle’s many reservation holders, as many await their own orders for the truck, or even the chance to place an order.

CEO Elon Musk tempered Cybertruck production ramp expectations at Tesla’s Q3 earnings call in October, estimating it could take 12 to 18 months before the vehicle reaches volume production, and before it becomes a “significant positive cash flow contributor.”

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The drone video also includes several other interesting construction notes, including what one viewer identified to Tegtmeyer as either a shield holder-transporter or concrete liner installation figure — seemingly indicating plans for a tunneling project at the factory.

After some digging, Tegtmeyer points out that the hardware looks like a piece of equipment seen on The Boring Company’s website as part of its Prufrock tunneling system. He goes on to detail further analysis of the hardware, including a permit he found from The Boring Company facility in Bastrop, Texas, as he highlights what it could mean for Giga Texas.

You can see Joe’s full construction update from Giga Texas on Wednesday below, with the Cybertrucks in the outbound lot shown a little after the 29-minute mark.

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Tesla Cybertrucks are leaving the Giga Texas outbound lot at a rapid pace
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