Tesla launches upgraded Model 3 in Taiwan, shipped from U.S.

Credit: Tesla

Tesla officially launched its upgraded Model 3 in North America this week, after the automaker debuted the vehicle in China, Europe and other markets last year. Alongside the recent launch, however, Tesla has also made the new Model 3 available in Taiwan, as shipped from one of its U.S. factories.

The redesigned Model 3, dubbed “Highland” during development, has officially launched in Taiwan, as can be seen from the company’s order configurator. The news comes with the new Model 3’s launch in North America, which went live on Tuesday night.

Interestingly, while Tesla builds the refreshed Model 3 at its nearby Gigafactory in Shanghai, import bans on products from mainland China apply to several kinds of products, including vehicles. This is why the redesigned Model 3 didn’t launch in Taiwan at the same time as in other countries in Asia, Europe and elsewhere, for which Tesla launched the refreshed vehicle in August.

Instead, those ordering the redesigned Model 3 in Taiwan will receive units built at Tesla’s U.S. factory in Fremont, California. This is similar to when the Model Y launched in Taiwan and Tesla was delivering these units from its Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg in Germany, despite Giga Shanghai also building the electric SUV.

Tesla’s rear-wheel-drive (RWD) version of the upgraded Model 3 is available in Taiwan for NT $1,699,900 (~$54,652), while the Long Range variant can be purchased for NT $1,999,900 (~$64,297).

In addition to the refreshed Model 3 and the Model Y, Tesla sells its Fremont-made Model X and Model S units in Taiwan, both of which are offered in two trims.

Following the Model 3 “Highland,” Tesla is also expected to launch a redesigned Model Y “Juniper” that will likely feature a simplified lineup of parts and redesigned interior and exterior designs. It’s not clear when Tesla plans to announce a Model Y refresh, though some have speculated that it could launch later this year.

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Tesla launches upgraded Model 3 in Taiwan, shipped from U.S.
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