Tesla dominates ‘Luxury Brand’ segment in Kelley Blue Book’s Image Awards


Tesla’s domination is getting felt even more in the luxury vehicle sector, with automotive research and valuation publication Kelley Blue Book (KBB) recently awarding the electric car maker five of its six luxury vehicle awards. Tesla’s performance in the awards indicates that the electric car company’s short but rich history is disrupting some of the most notable brands in the world.

KBB released its 2020 Brand Image Awards on April 7. The award is aimed at recognizing the automakers who “excel in creating and maintaining brand attributes that create excitement about their products.” The results come from over 12,000 new-vehicle shoppers who contribute to the company’s decisions on its awards for carmakers.

Tesla dominated the “Best Luxury Brands” portion of the awards, taking home the titles of Best Overall Luxury Brand, Best Value Luxury Brand, Most Refined Luxury Brand, Best Performance Luxury Brand, and Best Styling Luxury Brand. It fell just short of the Most Trusted award, which was given to Toyota-owned luxury carmaker Lexus.

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The latest KBB awards marks the first time Tesla has won the Best Overall Luxury Brand title from the publication. While the automotive firm acknowledges Tesla’s presence as it has been knocking at the door for years, the company has demonstrated that it is “here to stay as a force in the new vehicle market.” Tesla has shown that its products appeal to all car buyers: The Model 3 for the mass-market, Model S for luxury and performance, and Model X for “people-moving.”

Tesla’s ability to offer vehicles with low operating costs is pivotal to KBB’s decision to award the company with its “Best Luxury Value” title. Tesla’s mass-market Model 3 has allowed more people to be able to afford its vehicles, as the Model S and Model X were costly for some. However, the Model 3 sedan and newly-released Model Y crossover have offered performance and spaciousness while offering some degree of affordability at the same time.

The company’s refinement in its vehicle design has deemed it the winner of another award. Tesla’s “clean, minimalist approach to interior design” has made it stand out amongst its competitors. “Tesla’s pioneering approach to consolidate virtually all controls and systems into a single, portrait-oriented center display screen is being copied by mass-market and luxury brands alike,” KBB wrote.

(Photo: Andres GE)

Since Tesla’s introduction into the automotive sector in 2008 with the release of its original Roadster, the company’s electric cars have been known for their raw performance. While continuing its mission of sustainability and unmistakable design, its vehicles’ acceleration and speed puts the electric car maker at the top of the “Best Performing Luxury Brand” list. This is surprisingly the first time Tesla has won the award, despite its vehicles having a reputation for having straight-line performance that rivals that of supercars.

Finally, the “Best Styling Luxury Brand” was Tesla’s final award from KBB this year. Even though their vehicle’s designs have not changed much since their initial launches, KBB said the Model S and Model 3’s “timeless shapes” are sure to catch the attention of car buyers. Not to mention, the Model X’s falcon-wing doors are sure to turn heads, giving the electric car maker its fifth title out of six in 2020.

Tesla’s five out of six “Luxury” awards from KBB this year could mean that the widespread adaptation of electric cars from consumers is at. hand. As luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lexus, and Infinity have dominated the sector for decades, it appears that a new sheriff may be in town. Tesla has established itself as a surefire competitor in this market by offering affordability, performance, versatility, and groundbreaking design within its vehicles.

Kelley Blue Book’s full list of winners could be accessed here here.

Tesla dominates ‘Luxury Brand’ segment in Kelley Blue Book’s Image Awards
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