Tesla Giga Berlin applicants are poised to be interviewed by Elon Musk in person

(Credit: Tobias Lindh/YouTube)

Talented engineers who wish to apply for a position at Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin facility will get a rare opportunity tomorrow, with CEO Elon Musk announcing on Twitter that he will be conducting interviews in person at the Germany-based facility. Musk’s update came as he landed in Brandenburg earlier today, after departing the United States last night. 

In classic Musk fashion, the Tesla CEO noted that Tesla is looking for “ace engineers” for Gigafactory Berlin, and that interested applicants should send their resumes to Quite interesting is that Musk will be interviewing some engineers himself tomorrow, providing a rather unique opportunity for applicants to meet the rockstar CEO in person. 

Considering the reception that he received during his previous visit to Germany, there seems to be a pretty good chance that Tesla will receive a good number of engineering applicants for Giga Berlin. Last September, after all, Musk received nothing short of a rockstar welcome in the country when he visited the headquarters of CureVac in Tübingen and when he paid a visit to the Gigafactory Berlin complex. 

Even prior to his arrival at the CureVac headquarters, a crowd of onlookers and photographers were already patiently waiting at the Tübingen site. And as soon as Musk emerged from the headquarters following his meeting with CureVac executives, he was promptly surrounded by young Tesla enthusiasts, some of whom were holding signs showing their intention to eventually work for the CEO. 

Gigafactory Berlin is incredibly important for Tesla’s overall goal of accelerating the world’s shift towards sustainability. The facility, for one, will start its operations by producing the Model Y using the company’s next-generation manufacturing processes. The all-electric crossover that will be made in the Germany-based plant will feature the company’s single-piece casts, and Musk has even hinted at 4680 cells being used on the vehicles. With this in mind, Giga Berlin seems poised to be Tesla’s most technologically-advanced facility, at least when it begins its operations next year. 

Fortunately for Elon Musk, Tesla already seems to be an attractive company for the industry’s brightest engineers. Last year alone, Tesla and SpaceX were ranked as two of the most attractive employers for engineering students in the United States by employer branding firm Universum. Part of this may be due to the companies’ Silicon Valley-style approach, which allows young engineers and other staff to explore ideas and solutions without fear of being sidelined by unnecessary red tape and bureaucracy. 

Tesla Giga Berlin applicants are poised to be interviewed by Elon Musk in person
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