Tesla Energy highlights its ‘Charge on Solar’ feature in latest ad

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Tesla Energy has shared its latest advertisement on social media, this time highlighting a useful feature that will let owners use excess solar energy to charge their electric vehicles (EVs).

On Friday, the Tesla Energy account on X posted a short video featuring a customer experience from Rick, a Tesla EV owner of more than a decade. In the video, Rick details how the Charge on Solar feature works with his Model Y Performance, Wall Connector, and four Powerwalls.

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“Charge on Solar is a capability that was something I was excited to see happen,” Rick said. “And when it arrived, I was keen to to try it. It just provides an additional option to use the excess solar capacity to charge the car for when I need it.”

“Charge on Solar is dynamically managing the distribution of the power to the car based on how much your panels are producing on the roof.”

Those who owns solar, one or more Powerwalls, and one or more Tesla vehicles can use the Charge on Solar feature, according to the company’s website. You can check out the short teaser posted on X below.

Tesla Energy deployments and profitability in 2024

Tesla’s Energy division has been hard at work heading this year, after CEO Elon Musk said in Q1 that the energy business growth rate would likely soon outpace that of the automotive business. Last year, he also said that energy products were becoming the company’s highest-margin business, contributing over half a billion to its quarterly profit in Q3.

Following the statements, Tesla reported record profitability for its energy business in Q1, riding on the back of the deployment of its grid-scale Megapacks. The company has also been ramping up Megapack production at its so-called Megafactory in Lathrop, California, and it recently began construction on a similar factory in Shanghai, China.

In February, Tesla announced that it reached 600,000 Powerwall installations worldwide, and the company has also launched its next-generation Powerwall 3 in North America.

Where do Tesla’s advertising efforts stand following layoffs?

Since Tesla recently launched multiple rounds of layoffs, including a move to let go of the whole advertising team, it hasn’t exactly been clear where the company’s ad efforts lie. Following pressure from several shareholders throughout much of last year, Musk and Tesla finally caved and announced plans to start some small-scale advertising prior to the layoffs.

To be sure, the company has still been sharing advertisements on social media, especially ahead of Tesla’s upcoming annual shareholders meeting. Over the past few months, Tesla Energy has also shared a number of ads, including one for the newly released Powerwall 3, and its ability to resist water—even when submerged.

Below you can see a few of Tesla’s other energy product advertisements shared over the past several months.

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Tesla Energy highlights its ‘Charge on Solar’ feature in latest ad
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