Tesla’s Extended Service Agreement now available in Canada

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After Tesla debuted an extended warranty program in the U.S. earlier this year for select vehicles, the company has officially launched the agreement in Canada.

Tesla has launched its Extended Service Agreement (ESA) in Canada this week, which offers extensions of up to two years or 25,000 miles, whichever comes first, for specific vehicle models (via Drive Tesla Canada). Vehicle owners can purchase the agreement through the Tesla app or at a service center, and it varies in price depending on which of the automaker’s cars you own.

In the Tesla app, you can find the extended warranty option in the Upgrades tab, where you’ll see the ESA listed. Below are the Tesla vehicles that qualify for the ESA when purchased before that vehicle’s Basic Vehicle Limited Warranty expires, along with the price of the ESA for each vehicle:

  • 2012-2020 Model S (CAD $4,100)
  • 2015-2020 Model X (CAD $4,700)
  • Model 3 (CAD $2,400)
  • Model Y (CAD $2,700)

When purchased, ESA coverage automatically begins a day after the Basic Vehicle Limited Warranty expires. The ESA can be used to cover repair and maintenance costs on Tesla-made hardware, though the vehicles’ batteries and drive units are covered under a different warranty. Additionally, there are a handful of coverages in the basic plan that are not extended with the ESA.

Tesla details the ESA on its website, including the specific items that it doesn’t cover in the extended agreement, as can be seen below.

“There are specific items that are not covered by the Extended Service Agreement (ESA) including, but not limited to: consumable and maintenance parts (e.g., filters, liquids, batteries, brake pads), suspension alignment, appearance care (cleaning and polishing), shock absorbers, upholstery wear and tear, wheels, tires and components that have their own separate warranty, such as the high voltage battery and drive unit.”

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Tesla’s Extended Service Agreement now available in Canada
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