Tesla extends lock-in period for free unlimited Supercharging

Tesla started off the new year with an update to its existing Supercharger program: customers who place an order on a Tesla Model S or Model X will have until January 15 to lock-in free unlimited Supercharging for life. The electric car maker tweeted, “If you couldn’t finalize your purchase by 12/31, you can still order a Model S or X until 1/15 to receive unlimited Supercharging.”

The announcement extends upon the previous January 1 order deadline for unlimited Supercharging,  first announced in November, by two weeks.

Customers who place an order on a Model S or Model X after January 15 will have 400 kilowatt hours per year, or approximately 1,000 miles annually, of free charging through the company’s fast-charging Supercharger network. Tesla currently has over 769 Supercharger locations with nearly 5,000 individual Supercharger stalls located across North America, Asia-Pacfic and Europe.

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Tesla is expected to announce details for its paid charging model, referred to as Supercharger Credits, early this year which will enact “a small fee” that will be “charged incrementally and cost less than the price of filling up a comparable gas car”, says the Silicon Valley-based electric car maker. All vehicles coming off of the production line will be equipped with the necessary hardware required for Supercharging, including Tesla’s upcoming mass market Model 3.

To alleviate concerns over “Supercharger squatting”, Tesla revealed details last month that would impose an  idle fee to owners who leave their vehicles plugged in after it has already reached its set charging limit. Owners will be given a grace period of five minutes to unplug and move the vehicle from the Supercharger stall before being charged a $0.40 per minute penalty.

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