Tesla offers free Supercharging at select locations for Fourth of July holiday

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Tesla owners traveling in California during the upcoming Fourth of July weekend may receive a special perk from the company. As stated by Tesla in a message to some of its California-based customers, the company would be offering free Supercharging in select CA sites between Friday, July 2, and Monday, July 5. 

“Avoid the rush this Fourth of July holiday and charge for free before 12 p.m. and after 9 p.m. at select California Superchargers between Friday, July 2 and Monday, July 5. For faster charging anytime, navigate to your destination using Trip Planner to optimize your route and automatically precondition your battery,” Tesla wrote. 

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The free Supercharging offer would likely be appreciated by California-based Tesla owners taking road trips this weekend, particularly those with vehicles that do not have Unlimited Free Supercharging like the Model Y. Data from the Daily Travel Index from travel data company Arrivalist currently predicts that Americans will take about 42.9 million road trips over the Fourth of July weekend this year, partly because last year’s celebrations were tempered down by the pandemic. 

With Americans now relatively free to travel, Arrivalist expects road trip activity this coming Fourth of July to rise about 25%. Travel is even expected to exceed pre-Covid levels by 3.8%, despite ongoing concerns about the virus. 

Credit: Arrivalist via Hospitality Tech

“We continue to see travel demand hold at a steady pace over the last few weeks in our daily road trip tracker. With travel demand at an all-time high and the President’s promise to mark this holiday as an independence from the Covid-19 virus, we expect that Americans will continue to shatter records for the upcoming July 4th holiday,” Arrivalist Founder and CEO Cree Lawson said. 

Tesla has been known to unlock free Supercharging opportunities to its customers from time to time, especially during times of need. Back in 2019 as Hurricane Dorian was about to make landfall in Florida, Elon Musk confirmed that Supercharger stations across the storm’s path would be free to use. This provided Tesla owners that were in the hurricane’s path a way to escape to safety without spending a dime on charging fees.  

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Tesla offers free Supercharging at select locations for Fourth of July holiday
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