Tesla rolls out free Supercharging in Israel

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla owners in Israel can now charge their vehicles for free at the company’s Supercharger stations. The free Supercharging offer in Israel appears to be active until further notice.

Superchargers are Tesla’s fastest charging stations, capable of providing up to 250 kW of power. When connected to a Supercharger, Tesla’s electric vehicles are capable of adding up to 200 miles of range in just 15 minutes. Needless to say, the Supercharger Network is extremely valuable for owners who are engaged in long trips. 

As noted in a Geektime report, Tesla’s Supercharger rates in Israel are already generally lower than their competitors in the market. This was despite the Supercharger Network being faster than its rivals. With the free Supercharging program now rolled out, the Supercharger Network has arguably become Israel’s top EV charging solution, hands down. 

A message reportedly sent to Tesla owners in Israel explained that the free Supercharging program was being implemented in the country as a way to help Israel’s efforts to restore the safety of its citizens. The program will be very useful, as people would likely be driving nonstop to transport supplies or travel to safer areas. 

Tesla’s official website currently lists 17 Supercharger locations in Israel. So far, the electric vehicle maker does not offer charging for non-Tesla vehicles at its Supercharger stations in Israel, so Tesla owners would be able to take advantage of the free Supercharging offer fully. 

Tesla has shown a tendency to help its owners by offering free Supercharging in times of need. During the onset of the Russia-Ukraine war, Tesla announced that select Superchargers in parts of Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary would be free to use as part of the company’s efforts to help owners who were affected by the invasion. 

Over in the United States, Tesla has also extended free Supercharging during times of emergency, such as when Hurricane Dorian was about to make landfall in Florida in 2019. The same offer was rolled out during Hurricane Michael’s assault on the East Coast in 2018 as well. 

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Tesla rolls out free Supercharging in Israel
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