“Unluckiest Tesla owner in the world” gets lucky surprise with new Model Y delivery

Credit: Ray4Tesla/X

In early September, images of a pink Tesla Model Y crushed under a perimeter wall in China made the rounds online. The photo was shocking, partly because the Model Y was the vehicle in the vicinity that sustained the least damage from the wall. 

It was eventually revealed that the owner of the pink Model Y was arguably the “unluckiest Tesla owner in the world.” As shared by the Model Y owner in China, the story of the ill-fated all-electric crossover was one that could make Murphy proud. 

The ill-fated Model Y was only four months old when it got crushed by the perimeter wall. As noted by the Tesla owner, she picked up her Model Y on May 7, and the vehicle was destroyed on September 7. Between these dates, the Tesla owner experienced all the nightmares that a vehicle owner could experience. 

These include the Model Y running over a nail, the vehicle’s door getting dinged, and the front and hood getting chipped. The Tesla owner was also sideswiped twice, and the vehicle’s rear glass was damaged by a falling tile. It was almost a fitting end when the Tesla owner, after getting notified in the Tesla app multiple times, saw her Model Y pinned under a perimeter wall. 

Fortunately, it appears that the falling perimeter wall was the last entry in the Model Y owner’s unlucky streak. As shared by electric vehicle enthusiast @Ray4Tesla on X, formerly Twitter, the Tesla owner received a replacement Model Y just one month after the perimeter wall incident. The Tesla owner was reportedly paid in full for her previous vehicle’s damages by her insurance provider as well. 

The Tesla owner reportedly noted that she opted to order another Tesla because she is well aware of how strong and safe the company’s electric vehicles are. Among the vehicles that were crushed by the perimeter wall, after all, only the Model Y was the one whose doors were still operational despite being pinned by rubble. Its cabin was still accessible after the incident as well. Little did the Tesla owner know, however, that her new vehicle would come with a surprise. 

As noted by the Tesla owner in a video shared on social media, her new Model Y happens to be one of the first units from Gigafactory Shanghai that features the Model Y’s newly released upgrades. This was evident in the Tesla owner’s social media post, as it showed that the new Model Y’s interior features an LED strip across its dashboard. 

Hopefully, this new Tesla Model Y would be as lucky as its predecessor was unlucky. 

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“Unluckiest Tesla owner in the world” gets lucky surprise with new Model Y delivery
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