Tesla shares timelapse video of busy Fremont factory lot during Model 3’s final Q2 push

Tesla shared a rare glimpse inside the Fremont factory’s outbound logistics lot during the final week of Q2 2018 — the week when the electric carmaker finally achieved its target of producing 5,000 Model 3 per week. As could be seen in the short timelapse video, Tesla worked around the clock to achieve its goal, with the outbound lot seeing a flurry of activity during the week of June 24.

Particularly notable in the short video was the quick turnover rate of the vehicles that were filling up the outbound logistics lot day in and day out. The timelapse also depicted the consistent stream of delivery trucks hauling vehicles away as soon as the vehicles were rolled out into the lot.

Tesla’s 5,000/week milestone for Model 3 production was teased Saturday night by some employees at the Fremont factory, and later confirmed by Elon Musk himself in a leaked email. According to Musk, Tesla was not only able to manufacture 5,000 Model 3 during the final week of June; it was also able to sustain the 2,000/week production rate for the Model S &X and produce a total of 7,000 vehicles in 7 days.

The Model 3’s production milestone did not come easy for the electric car manufacturer, however. When Tesla started deliveries for the Model 3 last July, Musk estimated that the company would be able to attain a production rate of 5,000 vehicles per week by the end of December 2017. Due to several production bottlenecks, however, Tesla failed to achieve its goal. The company eventually moved the 5,000/week Model 3 production target to the end of Q2 2018, while placing a target of 2,500 vehicles per week for the end of Q1 2018.

Both Tesla and Musk himself had to dig deep in order to achieve its Q2 2018 production targets for the Model 3. During the quarter, Tesla enacted a 10-day production shutdown for the vehicle in order to make way for additional equipment to be installed on the Model 3 line. Back in May, Tesla also opted to air-freight six airplanes’ worth of robots and equipment from Europe to the United States. A company-wide restructuring was enacted as well, resulting in Telsa trimming off 9% of its workforce. Just like the Model X days, the serial tech entrepreneur and CEO began sleeping on the factory floor, in order to address any issues in the Model 3 line in real-time.  

Most importantly, however, Tesla also built the Model 3’s newest assembly line inside a sprung structure set up on the grounds of the Fremont factory. This additional line enabled Tesla to augment its manufacturing capabilities, with the company stating in its Q2 delivery and production that around 20% of Model 3 produced during the June 24 week were assembled inside GA4.  

Apart from achieving its self-imposed Model 3 targets, Tesla’s recent moves are also aimed at achieving profitability by Q3 or Q4 2018. According to Musk, it is high time for Tesla to become profitable, especially since most of the pieces are already in place for the company to successfully scale the production of the Model 3. With Tesla now targeting a pace equivalent to 6,000 Model 3 per week, the company is now edging closer to its goal of being profitable.

Tesla shares timelapse video of busy Fremont factory lot during Model 3’s final Q2 push
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