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Tesla FSD Beta V11 wide release gets update from Elon Musk

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Tesla owners who purchased the Full Self-Driving suite will only have to wait a few more days before they receive FSD Beta V11, based on Elon Musk’s recent post on Twitter. 

Tesla FSD Beta V11.3.1 has been received well by the company’s veteran testers since it started its release. Even FSD Beta users who have proven very strict with the system’s capabilities have noted that V11.3.1 is a notable improvement from previous iterations. So far, however, FSD Beta V11.3.1 is yet to see a full release to consumers. 

During a recent interaction on Twitter, Elon Musk was asked for an update on FSD Beta’s rollout. Musk responded that this weekend, V11 should see a wide release. This bodes well for the approximately 400,000 users who bought FSD in the United States and Canada, where the program is currently active. 

Tesla’s V11 release has been a long time coming. But while Tesla employees have had access to V11 since late last year, the rollout of the single-stack system was extended to non-Tesla employees only earlier this month. This allowed longtime FSD Beta testers to share videos of the system in action. 

A good number of the clips that have been shared showcasing V11.3.1’s capabilities are impressive, with some users even noting that the system now drives better than a capable human driver in some situations. Longtime users further praised FSD Beta V11.3.1’s performance on the highway, which is reportedly superior to the abilities of Navigate on Autopilot. FSD Beta’s abilities are reportedly quite a step up compared to previous updates in inner-city streets as well. 

As per Tesla’s release notes, the most substantial change implemented in V11 is its utilization of a single software stack for highway and inner-city driving. This change allows Tesla to replace its aging highway stack, which still relies on several single-camera and single-frame networks. 

“Enabled FSD Beta on highway. This unifies the vision and planning stack on and off-highway and replaces the legacy highway stack, which is over four years old. The legacy highway stack still relies on several single-camera and single-frame networks, and was setup to handle simple lane-specific maneuvers. FSD Beta’s multi-camera video networks and next-gen planner, that allows for more complex agent interactions with less reliance on lanes, make way for adding more intelligent behaviors, smoother control and better decision making,” the V11 release notes read. 

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Tesla FSD Beta V11 wide release gets update from Elon Musk
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