Tesla built over 500 free, public chargers in its Giga Berlin parking lot

Credit: Tesla Manufacturing | X

Tesla has built several charging posts into a parking lot at its Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg, and the company says they’re free and open to the public.

The company’s manufacturing account shared the news on X on Friday morning, noting that the over 500 chargers are free and open to employees, visitors and guests. The post also included a picture of the lot, which shows a number of Tesla and other electric vehicles (EVs) charging using what appear to be the company’s Gen 3 Wall Connectors.

Credit: Tesla Manufacturing | X

Tesla’s Gen 3 Wall Connectors offer charging for all EVs with the Type 2 DC charging port, adding up to 71 km (~44 miles) per hour with up to 22 kW of charging power in three-phase networks, according to the company. The hardware also comes with a 7.3-meter (~24-foot) cable, making it easy to reach charging ports that are located in multiple spots on a vehicle.

The factory, as located outside of Berlin in Grünheide, Brandenburg, also features a V4 Supercharger station, which Tesla made operational in November. The company has also developed a number of other amenities for employees and the public, including a train to and from surrounding communities, a new lobby opened in November, and more.

Last week, the Grünheide community voted against expansions to Tesla’s automotive factory, with 3,499 residents voting against the plans to increase the plant by 170 hectares. The residents expressed that the necessary deforestation for the project, comprising about 100 hectares, would negatively impact the local environment.

Still, Tesla plans to move forward with the expansion, according to an executive who recently highlighted Brandenburg Jörg Steinbach’s support for the project:

Tesla currently produces the Model Y at Giga Berlin, though the factory is eventually expected to help build the automaker’s more affordable next-generation vehicle. Earlier this month, the factory quietly reached a production goal of 6,000 Model Y units per week, despite having to pause operations in January due to armed conflicts in the Red Sea extending supply shipment times.

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Tesla built over 500 free, public chargers in its Giga Berlin parking lot
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