Tesla Giga Shanghai workers jump to the rescue after seeing car fall into a river

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Several Tesla employees exhibited some remarkable bravery recently after they jumped to the rescue after seeing a vehicle fall into a river. As fate would have it, the Tesla employees would end up saving five of their colleagues who happened to be heading home in a Volkswagen Lavida sedan. 

Gigafactory Shanghai employees Cai Wenqing, Wang Shun, Chen Yitao, Yi Klu, Shen Xiaodong, Luo Xueping were heading home after a shift at Tesla’s massive electric vehicle production facility in December 23 local time when they witnessed something extraordinary and frightening. While driving on a rather narrow road, the Tesla workers saw a Volkswagen Lavida sedan fall into a nearby river. 

It had rained earlier, and the path was muddy. The roads were also dark as street lights were yet to be installed in the area. Yet as soon as the Tesla employees saw what happened, they decided to jump into action. Speaking to local news media following the incident, Cai, who works at Giga Shanghai’s paint shop, stated that they decided to act fast. Fortunately, the water in the river was not very deep. 

“At that time, we were all dumbfounded. The police definitely didn’t come so fast. At first, I didn’t know how deep the river was, so I could only feel it slowly. Finally, I walked to the car and found that it was okay. The water was about 1 meter over, so it wouldn’t flood us,” the Giga Shanghai paint shop worker said. 

The police did eventually arrive, but by this time, the six Tesla employees were already in the process of helping the people in the other car. Together, the group were able to rescue all five passengers in the Volkswagen Lavida. And as fate would have it, all the occupants of the Volkswagen sedan— Liang Taiping, Wei Ming, Liang Chao, Yu Liu Jun, Liang Yongjun—also worked at Giga Shanghai as security guards. 

While all the passengers in the Volkswagen were successfully rescued, two were sent to the hospital for treatment. The police, in a statement on December 25, lauded the efforts of the six Giga Shanghai employees. 

“At the time of the incident, the driver Liang Taiping was carrying 5 people including Wei Ming, Liang Chao, Yu Liu Jun, Liang Yongjun (all Tesla security guards). Passing by Haigang Xinyang Highway, Haidan Road accidentally turned into Hanoi due to slippery and slippery roads. Later, 6 Tesla employees jumped into the river together. Rescuing others was brave. In the end, five people in the car were successfully rescued,” the police noted. 

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Tesla Giga Shanghai workers jump to the rescue after seeing car fall into a river
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