Tesla China ramps Q4 push as rumors hint debut of Giga Shanghai’s refresh Model 3 and Model Y

(Credit: TOC Tianjin via @teslacn/Twitter)

Tesla China appears to be ramping vehicle sales from Experience Centers and stores in an effort to clear its inventories. The sales ramp seems to be part of Tesla China’s push to end the fourth quarter on a strong note. There have also been “anecdotal sightings” of Giga Shanghai’s refreshed Model 3 and Model Y. 

Tesla investor @ray4tesla shared a promo poster from one of the company’s Experience Centers in China, which referred to a special sale between December 10 and 11. “Limited number of existing cars,” the promo poster said. It suggested that Tesla Experience Centers were working hard to contribute to the company’s 500,000 guidance in a final Q4 push.

In November, the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) reported that Tesla China sold a staggering 21,604 Model 3 vehicles, increasing sales by 78% compared to the previous month. Tesla China may be targeting to match its November sales or exceed it this December. 

According to @ray4tesla, there are also hints that Giga Shanghai’s refresh Model 3 and Model Y may debut soon. Clearing inventories now would help Tesla meet its 2020 guidance and make room at Experience Centers and stores for Giga Shanghai’s incoming batch of Model 3 and Model Y vehicles. 

Recent filings in China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) revealed the company already registered the MIC Model 3 Performance with the agency, suggesting local production of the variant is imminent. Tesla China also declared the Model 3’s new 18” Aero and 19” Sport Wheels with the MIIT, hinting at the refresh version’s upcoming production in Giga Shanghai, too. 

With Tesla China’s Q4 push seemingly gaining momentum, the company’s Shanghai branch could end the year with a bang. And it might start 2021 just as strong with the production and sale of the MIC refresh Model 3 and Model Y from Giga Shanghai. 

Tesla China ramps Q4 push as rumors hint debut of Giga Shanghai’s refresh Model 3 and Model Y
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