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Tesla Giga Texas gets closer to Model Y ramp with new set of completed reviews

Credit: Tesla

Tesla Gigafactory Texas is running full speed towards the company’s target for initial Model Y production. To help accomplish this, the massive electric vehicle production facility recently completed the reviews for five of Giga Texas’ key facilities. The completed reviews stand as yet another step for the project, which has all but closed the gap with its counterpart in Germany. 

Giga Texas’s buildout was started later than Gigafactory Berlin, though the US-based site has not met the same level of red tape and opposition as its Grunheide-based sibling. To date, Giga Berlin is practically ready to start Model Y production, but it is still in a limbo of sorts as it waits for its final approval. Giga Texas, on the other hand, has been in a mad rush towards initial Model Y production since it started its construction last year. 

Just last month, for example, Tesla submitted five filings to the Texas Architectural Review Board for several sections of the Giga Texas complex. The areas that were specified in the filings were related to Paint, Stamping, Body-in-White, General Assembly, and Casting. The filings indicated that the projects would cost a total of about $1.1 billion. Interestingly enough, the filings also indicated that the target completion date for the projects was listed at December 31, 2021. 

Similar to the pace of Giga Texas itself, the review process for all five of the electric vehicle production facility’s sections was completed quickly. Even before the month of November was done, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation indicated that it had completed the reviews for all five of Giga Texas’ filings. The review process was completed just ten days after Tesla initially submitted its applications. 

Gigafactory Texas stands as a key component for the company’s expansion into the global market. Tesla is expected to inch closer towards the milestone of delivering 1 million vehicles in a year this 2021, and that’s with only two factories that are actively producing cars. The Fremont Factory is not as optimized as Giga Shanghai, either, so when custom facilities like Giga Texas and Gigafactory Berlin go online, Tesla’s vehicle production and delivery numbers would most certainly see a notable improvement. 

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Tesla Giga Texas gets closer to Model Y ramp with new set of completed reviews
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