Tesla Gigafactory 3 shows remarkable progress as site gets graced by major gov’t official

The Tesla Gigafactory 3 site as of July 2019. (Credit: Jason Yang/YouTube)

Tesla’s Gigafactory 3 in China continues to evolve by the week, with recent drone footage of the complex providing a glimpse at the remarkable progress of the activities inside and outside the electric car production facility. Based on recent videos taken of the site, it appears that Gigafactory 3’s workers are sprinting towards the factory’s completion, as the team attempts to hit the ambitious goal of starting local Model 3 production later this year. 

The recent footage of the Gigafactory 3 complex was shared on YouTube by Tesla enthusiast and drone operator Jason Yang, who has been following the progress of the site since January, when the site was but an empty field with a few pile drivers. Particularly impressive in the new footage was the completion of the facility’s roofing, which now appears to be completely paved. Most areas are even overlaid with white paint, giving Gigafactory 3’s general assembly building that clean, unmistakable Tesla look. 

Also notable were the doors that are now being installed in the bays lining Gigafactory 3’s sides. Semi-trailers will be loading and unloading items from these massive doors, allowing Gigafactory 3 to take and conduct deliveries in an efficient manner. A number of the facility’s windows are also being finished, as more sections of the general assembly building’s exterior are completed. 

Over the course of the recent flyover, it was evident that workers in the Gigafactory 3 complex are currently working on the areas surrounding the main electric car production facility. More operating platforms have also been installed around the main plant, and other projects, such as the substation southwest of the general assembly building, continue to make progress. Based on these activities, it was evident that Tesla and its Chinese construction partner are pushing hard to complete the facility on time, or perhaps even ahead of schedule.

These recent developments in the Gigafactory 3 complex come on the heels of a high-profile visit by Shanghai Party Secretary Li Qiang, who emphasized his full support for the construction of the upcoming Tesla Model 3 and Model Y production facility. Qiang’s visit is particularly notable, especially since party secretaries hold a prominent place in the Chinese government, exceeding that of officials like mayors. In a way, Qiang’s visit is the latest sign yet that the local government is fully backing the Silicon Valley-based electric car maker. 

Earlier this month, reports from Chinese media pointed at Tesla starting the employment of its first batch of workers by the end of July. While this announcement seemed incredibly ambitious given that Gigafactory 3 is still under construction, footage taken of seemingly completed offices inside the Shanghai-based complex have revealed that some sections of the site are already hosting offices. Tesla has reportedly deployed 30 overseas employees to Gigafactory 3, who are currently working closely with a team of 140 Tesla China employees. By the end of this month, this number would likely see a lot of growth. 

Watch the recent flyover of Gigafactory 3 in the video below. 

Tesla Gigafactory 3 shows remarkable progress as site gets graced by major gov’t official
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