Tesla Giga Berlin sends off first Model Y vehicles for Europe deliveries

(Credit: Tobias Lindh/YouTube)

More than a week after its first delivery event, Tesla Giga Berlin has already transported Model Y vehicles out of the facility’s grounds for deliveries across Europe. 

Drone operator Tobias Lindh recently flew over Tesla Giga Berlin and spotted Model Ys in the midst of being transported out of factory grounds. Many more sightings will occur as Giga Berlin ramps Model Y production and deliveries.

Lately, there have been few reports of Tesla preorder holders receiving their Model Ys from Giga Berlin. Lindh told Teslarati that a few Giga Berlin Model Y units were delivered to Italy, Denmark, and the Netherlands. Another Giga Berlin drone operator, @Gf4Tesla, noted that made-in-Germany Model Ys were also delivered to Belgium. 

Tesla Club Italy shared a few images showing the first Giga Berlin Model Ys in the country. Meanwhile, @TeslaBest shared a video of Denmark’s first Giga Berlin Model Y deliveries.

Tesla Giga Berlin marked the first Model Y deliveries on March 22, with Elon Musk personally handing over the vehicles to the owners. Musk celebrated with everyone at the event with another impromptu dance performance. 

Sadly, one of the Model Y units, owned by Jörg Minnebusch from Oberhausen, was damaged shortly after the turnover. Minnebusch’s Model Y has the license plate number Giga 012. His vehicle was hit from behind when another driver rushed into him during a red light. 

Thanks to his insurance, though, Minnebusch was eligible for a brand new Model Y because its mileage was less than 1,000 kilometers. However, the sentimental value of his Model Y far outweighed the prospect of a brand new one. 

“It’s number 012 of the first Teslas produced in Grünheide,” he told Moz. Minnebusch also mentioned that his Model Y was handed to him by Elon Musk. 

Minnebusch’s reluctance to hand over his Model Y shows the significance of Tesla Giga Berlin in Europe. And, of course, Elon Musk’s importance among electric car enthusiasts. 

Watch the latest video of Tesla Giga Berlin below!

If you’ve received one of the first Giga Berlin Model Ys, I’d like to hear about your experience. Don’t hesitate to contact me at or via Twitter @Writer_01001101.

Tesla Giga Berlin sends off first Model Y vehicles for Europe deliveries
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